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Heelys Mack is on the top of the Game
Dec 3, 2003 by derek

Jordan writes, "In case you haven't been on the Heelys site in a while then you are missing out on the hot new shoes that are on the line this winter. The Heelys Mack is by far the best shoe that I have ever put on my feet from Heelys.

Read more..."

I started out looking at the Mack in an argument that I was having with a few friends. The issues being discussed were on the quality of shoes that Heelys had put out. On Heelys web site my friends proceeded to say that the shoe looked cheap and would fall apart. The other argument was on the back wheels and their durability. Being on the soap team, I asked if there was any way that I show off the shoes to my friends so that they could get a close up look at the product. Soap came through with flying colors and I received the Heelys in the mail the other day.

These shoes have yet to come off my feet. The design as well as the concept is unreal. The shoes offer Light Gray / Charcoal / Red, or a Black / Charcoal / Royal Blue color scheme. The color looks so nice when up close. Also the color looks tight when walking around with a pair of tight or loose leg jeans on. The Mack offers a Cemented-On, Big Mack Nylon Grind Plate which is similar to the soap grind plates. The grind plate feels slightly bigger than the soap shoes plate but has great lock on capabilities when hitting the bigger rails and curbs. The Grail also offers an Independent Suspension system which is super great when heeling around the rougher terrain. The padding on the "ride" of the shoe is unreal. I can't get over the comfort of these shoes because it no longer feels like your wearing high heels, like the older style Heelys felt. The Mack comes with a Nu Buc-Finish Leather outside and a Super-Light Phylon Midsole making the shoes comfort even better. The wheels on the back of the shoe measure 52mm, which is not to big for the shoe to look "weird". The Clear PU Big Wheels can also be rotated a little different from the last model of Heelys making a more custom feel to the shoe.

The Mack seriously rocks. Seriously go out and pick up a pair of these shoes today. Heelys has done an awesome job of redesigning the shoes and making the error of their old ways so much better. The Mack is a new breed of durability in footwear as well as a shoe that actually lasts through the hard times that shoes are often put through. I shut up my friends the second that I walked into the room and they were even more impressed when they threw down the money for a pair of their own at our local Heelys dealer.

derek adds: Excellent.

Dec 3, 2003 derek

Good call on the comfort with the wheels being on the sides now. I bet that makes a world of difference.

Dec 3, 2003 Benji

ummm......last time i checked you werent on the soap team....are you?

Dec 3, 2003 dunk

Jordan Muck. Yes.

Dec 3, 2003 Mart

You're thinking of Jordan Fucking Thompson

...that's his new name now, by the way

Dec 3, 2003 Mart

Very nice review. Good work man

Dec 3, 2003 Benji

woops, my mistake

Dec 4, 2003 Smokey

I remember holding a pair of heely's awhile back and they were extremely bulky... How are these ones?

Dec 5, 2003 Marc

I Don't Like Heelys Really.. But I Gotta Give Them Some Respect As They Did Take Soap Out Of Its Slums(No Offense..)But If The Macks Are Any Good.. I MIGHT.. Look into Them..

Dec 6, 2003 Jordan

a couple of people have said that same thing to me. However the Mack is not that way at all. they are so much lighter than you think that they are. I mean they are heavy with the wheels on it becuase i mean come on they got wheels on them. As for being bulky the mack is just like having a pair of soaps with wheels on the back. they are sweet and way worth checking out.

Dec 6, 2003 Jordan

Might? How about should, seriously i am pushing these things out the butt. They are so dope man, go check em out.

Dec 6, 2003 derek

yeah dude, i haven't tried the mack's yet, but i HAVE tried the grail, grail 2, and the black flow's (which aren't on the site yet) and they are all awesome. The black flows are my favorite, I kick those things all the time, very good looking shoes.

anyway, about the rolling/grinding shoes. a lot of people still aren't too hot on the idea, but it's so much fun. you might think it's dorky or whatever and say 'why not just get rollerblades'. this is the same thing that people said about soap shoes. who cares?! they're fun, they can go more places than skates, etc. i've never done the roll and grind thing, but i do like to roll around the mall (it's fun to see people's reactions) and i also like to grind.

main thing... i'm backing jordan and heelys up, but keep in mind that i'm also not trying to push you away from soap. you have to remember that soap is where it all started.

yo, where is alexei?

Dec 6, 2003 Mart

Slavin' his bitch ass over Definition Defined if he knows what's good for him

Dec 7, 2003 Wesker

I agree, While I only own the Grail's. They're lots of fun to roll around on. I also use them to film some rolling shots. The roll to grind then roll out is hard to learn but kinda fun when its learned. Although I would pick a new pair of Soap's over the heely's any day.

Dec 7, 2003 Tanner

Working in the architectural shit labs

Dec 14, 2003 Benny

The whole wheel on the side thing looks really weird. Are they detachable? I'm assuming they are, but...yeah.

I just want some freaking sole plates!

Jan 9, 2004 Jordan_Thompson

Am I the only one who thought of A-sides combined with the Heely Mack? CRAZY!!

Mar 19, 2006 bagbon

i just ordered a pair on ebay for 30 bucks

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

"Am I the only one who thought of A-sides combined with the Heely Mack? CRAZY!!"
that would be awesome, but i know many heelers arent fond of the wheel system. most say it's more like trainer wheels and they go pretty slow, maybe they can work with the hardness rateing though, i think i might forward this idea to corporate people though.

Mar 18, 2007 Surfaced

They won't listen.

Also, we don't want them to listen.

Mar 18, 2007 SonicSoaper

Leave the sole plates to Soap, thank you.

Mar 18, 2007 SapAuthor

Yo heelyhailey, what's ur problem? To me, it seems like your trying start fights and get people ryiled up. Grow up, leave the plates to SOAPs, quit trying to destroy what we worked hard to bring back. Remember where HSL came from, SOAPs started this, HSL wouldn't be around if it weren't for them. So back off.

Besides, you think that HSL will start making wheeless shoes other than the express, after it took SOOOO long for them to even consider making express? We have to show them SOAPs can continue selling strong. IF they won't start new wheeless models for us, they sure as heck won't start it for you.

Now, you aren't a SOAPer, you are what we call a flammer. Please either leave or stop acting like a problem starter. If you are 26, as it says on your profile, then you should be an adult, i would think at least, and know how to act like one.

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

uhh, yeah, i came here to get better tips on grinds, no to start fights. I have 100% respect for soapers. I can't do half the crap you guys can do. yeah, i get what your saying about the wheeless shoes. But im not looking for shoes w/o wheels. I enjoy the wheels, call it gay if you want but i just like to have fun. ok, im not a soaper, that doesnt mean i dont have shoes shareing the grinding ability soap shoes do. I know HSL wouldnt be around if it werent for soaps, and i know heelys wouldnt be half as good of a product if it werent for soaps, thats why i got respect for you guys. I still fail to comprehend why theres so much hate on heelys here. I'm not going to quit this site, i plan to learn from it, and i dont seem to understand why im acting like a problem starter.

Mar 18, 2007 Surfaced

I would assume that we dislike Heelys for a
few reasons, these being the most prominent:

1. They bought Soap for the grindplate rights.

2. They threw out a line of Soaps to occupy the Soap fans, while they designed Heelys shoes with the grindplate.

3. "Heelys" sounds retarded.

4.HSL refuses to tell us anything useful.

5.HSL doesn't give a shit about Soap or Soapers

Mar 18, 2007 AnthoFlex

Thats pretty much the main reason. High five David, point extremely well explained

*puts hand up*

Mar 18, 2007 AnthoFlex

Yea, and everyone knows that the Soapshoe with the wheel was out years before Heelys.

Yea, if you notice... Soap is ALL around heelys:

The Grindplate (obviously)
The Soap "O" hole in the Express plate
The Heely Neo (look at it closely Hailey....thats a Soap Nitro and Soap Chaos with a Heelys logo on it....even the stretched out oval that surrounds the "SOAP" is on that Heely

theres a lot more, i just cant think of any right now

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

yeah they bought soaps for grindplate rights, tha business for you though, no need to hate on the heelers though, we really have nothing to do with what HSL does. and once again if HSL doesnt tell you anything useful of care about soapers us heelers have no effect on if they do

Mar 18, 2007 AnthoFlex

oh as a #6 to Surfaced's comment:

6. They lied about not having ALL of the original Soapshoe molds, plates, and dyes

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

once again, how much control do us heelers have over what HSL does and doesnt tell you

Mar 18, 2007 Surfaced

Last I checked, we vent our hate towards HSL and not heelers.

Mar 18, 2007 AnthoFlex

Its all good that they bought it for the rights, but at least give the credit to the Original shoe with the Grindplate.

They have completely neglected Soap, and Heelys is starting to slow down...if they dunt do sumthing quick...HSL is gonna go down the toilet.

Also, im sorry to say, but its their fault they fucked up with their "new" lines of Soapshoes. All of the shoes looked the same, and had the same damn plate....not to mention they took away the fun explanations of shoes.

Heres the Artemis description of the Soap Scorcher:

"Whats your game? Style? difficulty? Nah...i can see it in your eyes....you want SPEED. Fast, slick, smooth handrails right? am i right? Well, we got it RIGHT here at Soap...with a capital S (and even THAT sounds fast!) The Scorcher, a racing style upper Soapshoe with lightwieght sole for easy liftoff.....*continues with more fun explanations.

Heres HSL's description for the Soap Express:

Cemented-On 'Express' Nylon Grind Plate ~ Leather and Mesh Upper
~ 'SST' Soap Shock-absorbing Technology ~ PU Midsole ~ Removable PU Sock Liner

Seriously, its like, who the fuck cares? Tell us ABOUT the shoe, not wtf its made out of...

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

yeah, but they have the same descriptions for heelys too.

Mar 18, 2007 sam

You heeliers can show HSL that grinding kicks ass, and that if they made better models, sizes, etc. they would have a better buisness going.

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

yeah, i know theres a huge demand for size 13's in the heely world, what size do they make soaps up to (oh and also its heelers ;)

Mar 18, 2007 sam

They only make sizes up to 12 I believe, which sucks for people with bigger sizes such as my brother.

Mar 18, 2007 heelyhailey

yeah, heelys is haveing the same problem, the earlier heelys were made in size 13's and you can still find 13's on ebay.
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