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Submitting pics
Feb 20, 2007 by Slidey

Hey I was wondering if that when you submit a pic does it have to be the size to fit into solidgrind or does Derek or another admin scale them down so they fit?

Feb 20, 2007broox

if the photos are above 800x600, i crop/scale/frame/optimize them to look good.

you can submit the photos as large as you want. actually, the larger they are, the better they are. that way i can spruce them up for yall.

plus... bigger photos are always better than small ones.

Feb 20, 2007Slidey

Schweet. My new digi-cam does photos that are over like 3000x2000, but that's a bit too big to even see I think, and it takes up too much memory. So do you think the angles of my camera pics have improved (in the Gurnell swimming pics) or do I need to be doing something better?

Feb 20, 2007broox

nah dude, i was excited to see you finally got a good cam! those pics are dope.

Feb 20, 2007Slidey

Thanx man, I'll keep them comin, and the video quality is really good too, so I'm gonna work on getting enough footage to make a vid that wasn't recorded on a cellphone.

Feb 20, 2007cherryman696966

dam broox what happened? its nice to see you on here again.
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