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School rail
Feb 27, 2007 by Hattmac02

Anyone elses school like mine in which theres thousands of awesome rails. Theres this one near our theatre that would have been cool but they welded blocks on it because skaters and skateboarders grinded on it.

Feb 27, 2007Slidey

Most schools have sick rails. Mine are... okay but thier a pain in the ass to get onto. It's a huge jump and you usually have to stall it and push off of somthing (coz its elbow hieght)

Feb 27, 2007Ohanzee

dude my school has a SWEET grind rail. its a box rail! indoor, about 30-40 feet long. ill post a pic later tonight. im going back there so ill take a pic for ya.

Feb 27, 2007kobansora

I have a couple of good rails, but they're square and painted so it's harder to slide on them. And they're not exactly slanted either....

But I grind on the benches and tables too.

And there's a few ledges.


Feb 27, 2007Ohanzee

well yeah that one rail kinda suare its like this / \ so i duno how hard it will be. but its small slant.. like i said ill post a pic in about 3 hours

Feb 28, 2007Hattmac02

since im going to a private school, its ona scholar ship b/c im not that rich. But since they school is rich we have a lot of buildings and since its outside and not one bulding it has a lot of rails. Plus its in florida so all the buildings are raised b/c of flood codes. Tommorow ill borrow a digital camera and take some pics of the rails. One last thing the school is kindergarden-12th grade(im in 9th) its really big which means lots and lots of rails so im only taken a pic of the best of the best

Feb 28, 2007shdook

My school has many nice little ledges but they are small, and as for handrails 10 sick, flat handrails you must land right in the groove to grind.

Feb 28, 2007Hattmac02

all the ones on mine are circle rails and there not super steep

Feb 28, 2007mgm

The same school for 13 years!?

Feb 28, 2007Hattmac02

yup, its actually more because we have pre-school

Feb 28, 2007Hattmac02

ive been there for 12 so far, 3 more to go

Feb 28, 2007Ohanzee

Here is the rail. its flat but it's long


Feb 28, 2007Slidey

shit dude that looks killer! Can you jump up to it? how high is it from the other side?

Feb 28, 2007AnthoFlex

Now THAT loopks like a fun rail

Feb 28, 2007vmn551

There arent too many rails here except the ones at the stairs and i cant really hit them yet. Theres a few benches and ledges ive soaped a few times though.

Feb 28, 2007Ohanzee

from the ledge to the rail is about 1 foot, and from the ground to the ledge (on the other side) is about 3 feet high. here ill show another pic of a person next to it up top.

(From top view)

(Person next to it)

(Sorry alittle fuzzy i didnt use flash because i was suposed to be working)
I Just ordered a pair of Ordnance lastnight and got the confirmation, so i'm hoping that it will be sent this week and get it by saturday :)but yeah i cant wait to hit this up!

Feb 28, 2007Ohanzee

i mean, 3 feet from the ground to the rail, not 3 feet from the ground to the ledge, that's about 2 feet.

Feb 28, 2007Slidey

Sweet! I would probably jump on from the ground, although it does look quite dodgey jumpin over the ledge to get onto it. That seems a pretty good size for a square/rectangle rail, even though they are harder to balance and easier to slip out it should be easy enough.
You gonna try it sometime?

Feb 28, 2007Slidey

So thats 30-40 ft long eh? I'd figure that to be about 8 meters (each section is about a meter on most rails)

Feb 28, 2007SapAuthor

lol the only rail i tried to grind at my highschool was this one on second floor, i did it on graduation night, dad was suppose to get it on film, but when I jumped the ceiling was too high and the point on my graduation cap caught on the tile on the top and i fell, lol. Only wish it was on tape, dad didn't know how to work the camera.

Feb 28, 2007AnthoFlex

Thats hot, i would Backside that with my Broadsides

Feb 28, 2007AnthoFlex

I doubt thats 30-40 feet.

Feb 28, 2007Slidey

Hey Renny, you grind left foot first?

Feb 28, 2007AnthoFlex

i ride regular so i have to hit that rail backside....or i can Switch Frontside it

Feb 28, 2007AnthoFlex

whats also cool about that rail is that theres a fun ledge next to it, in case you wanted to switch it up

Feb 28, 2007Ohanzee

its about 25-30 feet, yeah i over judged but yeah i'm hoping to hit it after school once i get my shoe's and practice some. it's guna be sweet

Mar 1, 2007Slidey

Yup, get it on video. Or maybe a pic and send it in.

Mar 1, 2007AnthoFlex

Yea dude, for real, that rail is sum sexy stuff, you gotta hit it.

Its funny, yesterday sum lady from the school's college office came to my class and asked if anyone wanted to attend two trips to 3 college campus'....i thought...Hey, thats pretty cool....

When she said the cost was free, me and My friend Jerry jumped at the consent forms...we both knew what we were thinking....College campus', hot girls, but most of all....College campus's have the BEST freaking rails.

I'll be sure to get sum footy for you guys

Mar 1, 2007RamenRadio

That's it, I'm going to queens! I want rails! lol

Mar 1, 2007RamenRadio

Yo Renny, tell me how the flash is coming along.

Mar 1, 2007Slidey

lol thats kinda the same thing as what happend today. My geography teacher annonced that we are going to Bournemouth for a school trip. "big deal" you may think but Bouremouth beach has THE BEST VERT RAILS EVER, Its where I dont my 1st ever vert rail and the rails go straight into the sand. =D

Mar 2, 2007DeanSoaper

yea i have one at my school, ive Soaped it infront of my principals and they didnt say anything. There are also a few at an elementary school near me, but the metal is gay and sticks, i need to wax the shit outta it.

Mar 2, 2007RamenRadio

I freaked a few teachers out when i soaped in front of them XD It was priceless when they were saying what I can and can't do. "You can't just jump on those corners and like move on them...." Teachers are so stupid, and THEY are supposed to be the ones teaching us? How amateurish lol
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