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Need some advice
May 23, 2007 by canzer

I am a size 13, but 13s are a little loose on me and the only soaps I can find are size 12s, should I order them and see if they will fit or what?

(I live in the US, btw)

May 24, 2007SonicSoaper

Yes, you should.

May 24, 2007xJeremiahx

yep. I usualy wear 13s but I ordered 12s and they are a snug fit but work good.

May 24, 2007RamenRadio

wait, a size 13? I think you could fit the m b tanks on ebay. Yeah, it's a size 14, but I was an 11, and I wear size 12 when it comes to soap shoes. I'd think you should get the m b tank on ebay, the guy only has 5 pairs left.

May 24, 2007canzer

Thanks for the feedback, I took your advice and went with the m b tanks on ebay, are these shoes any good?

May 24, 2007RamenRadio

Are they good shoes? Man, if they were just a bit smaller, I'd be buying all five pairs he has lol. Those shoes are some pretty freaking heavy duty shoes man, those will last you A WHILE :D Very wise choice my fellow soaper.

May 24, 2007canzer

Thanks, my first pair. Little nervous about grinding rails, looks a little tuff.
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