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Does anyone have any ideas if soap came out a videogame of soap
May 24, 2007 by Spano565


May 24, 2007SonicSoaper

I've actually had the idea for a Soap game for a long time. The control scheme would be a cross between SA2's soaping controls and the control scheme from Tony Hawk's Underground(My vote for best in the series). It would be the same has Tony Hawk in that sense of level design. I also pictured the Soap game's storyline to be similar to THUG where you make your own Soaper and he slowly rises to he top. You start out as an underdog who learns the basics from E.O.B. Soapers(SELF PROMOTION!) and then goes to Queens to hang out with NYCS. You basically hop around the country to session with most of today's known Soapers(of which we know of) and maybe even catch a rail with the Relate Crew. The end would be a huge Soap Tournament to decide the new members of Team Soap(There are 20 competators with only 12 spots to fill) and guess who crashes the party. Here's a hint, starts with a T and ends with a Eam Heelys. Now it's not only a Soap tournament but now you have to out grind those guys, which should be no problem since your stats are leveled up over the course of the game. Multiplayer would be like Tony Hawk but you can use unlockable costumes for the Soapers(Mart in a clown costume, Renny in a Sonic hat, SONICSOAPER IN HIS UNDERWEAR!?) and such. New shoes can be in Steve Deel's Soap Store(An actual store, not an online one) that opens up after you go to Queens. IT'S MADNESS! Soap: the Video Game...Play With Yourself!

May 24, 2007SpiderSoaper

what i'm about to say is somthing i put in the "impossible grind" forum, it's copy and pasted........."a soaping game where as u advanced to new soap locations, more diffrent grindplates will be avaialabe in the shop of the game, yu''ll need to earn money to buy them by completing missions, stickerplanting soap stickers on walls, advertise sonic the hedgehog on billboards (the least they could is that because sonic was the only thing that advertised soap and got the word out), have Derek brooks, anthoflex and sonic as unlockable characeters...........yea right that would suck woudlnt it...a soap game....wat was i thinking!? lol"

May 24, 2007sam

The only game soap sponsered was SA2B, although there is still grinding with shoes in other games, such as psyconauts, and others.

May 24, 2007SonicSoaper

Kingdom Hearts had the Soaping-esqe tree surfing game in the Deep Jungle(Tarzan) level.
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