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Heelys can flow...
Jun 9, 2007 by Locke

Alright, I know there's a lot of hate for heelys around this place, and I share that disdain for them, but this video is proof that Heelys can be friggin' sick.


When I first saw this, I was like "HOLY F***!"

Jun 9, 2007adamblock

a few things came to mind when i saw this:

1.mighty morphin' power rangers the movie (idk why)
2.vegas vacation (when i realized the background song came from THIS movie, not the aformentioned one)
3.how much i hate Republica (group that did the song)

that being said, i enjoyed this clip. well, about the first 30 seconds of it. it was cool that he could incorporate many of the skate objects in the warehouse location.

after the first 30, notice how its the same exact clip, looped, and shot in different angles. actually, i shouldnt say that, because it probably isnt the same clip. but the guy does hit the same stuff, in the same order, in the same exact way.

and a side note, dont hate the shoe. i mean its just heelys, so what if little kids run into you on them, youve all secretly desired a pair in some point of your lives...lol.

Jun 9, 2007Megashadow77

This is really sick and all, but they made Inline Skates for things like this.

Jun 9, 2007SonicSoaper

And no. That last comment is not true for me. I considered getting them for their wheel begoing features once but I was never really high on the idea. I never really liked them.

Jun 9, 2007adamblock

right but you did secretly pine for these magical feet candies.

Jun 9, 2007dunk

This guy needs to learn how to roller blade.

Jun 10, 2007SonicSoaper

Soaps then yes.

Jun 10, 2007AnthoFlex

Ehh, im not too impressed. He is good, i mean for Heelys. But its to be expected:

1. He's a Team Captain for Heelys
2. He's Asian

Jun 10, 2007Megashadow77

LMAO....he's asian...lol

Jun 10, 2007SonicSoaper

*If you mean Soaps then yes

Jun 10, 2007SonicSoaper

I agree with Renny on the asian part. Those guys are dedicated to anything they love.

Jun 10, 2007sam

Meh, its really not that impressive, when you look at some sick inline shit like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjz0e1Pz4xM

Jun 10, 2007SonicSoaper

Damn man. That's tight.

Jun 10, 2007AnthoFlex

I'm not trying to start anything, but anything Heely related does not impress me. I have yet to see something Heely that will make me go "WOW"

Jun 10, 2007cherryman696966

that skater guys is fucking awesome. i think he would like soaping also because of the grinding. that guys has mad ups also, if u watch the first jump after a few seconds.

Jun 10, 2007AnthoFlex

I dunt see the "Wow" in carving the same mini over and over again

Jun 10, 2007SapAuthor

Really guys, and i've had heelys before when i was in middle school, they are 'fun' in a quaint sense. That guy in the video, i don't see what's so "wow" about it. He learned how to keep in the heel position on curves and bowls. i have seen some (very rarely) heely people do some better stuff, but still, why do that with heelys and kill ur calf muscles (they burn like there's no tommarow when u do stuff like that) when you can get inline skates that can do that and more.

In my opinion, inliners can do probably the most impressive stuff around, followed by SOAPs, and Heely's can only do mild stuff (unless the stuff they do invovles the grind plate and is in fact more a SOAP thing). That's why I own a pair of inlines and a Pair of SOAPs. Wear SOAPs as shoes and hit rails when i see them (although i'm still not too good so i stil have some practice and fear to get over) and wear my inlines for doing really extreme stuff (again, once i'm good. I suck rather at both things lol, and never had much time to do much else, although with my new website business i'll be self employed and making good money so i may have more freetime to devote to SOAPs and inline).

But yeah, as for the vid, you kind of easily estounded. He only did heelying around bowls and ramps, the occassional top rail edge grind, and a rather lame "wall plant"

If you want to roll around, fine, get heelys, but i don't think heelys are for anyone who wants to go extreme, they are more so a kid's toy. You see parents saying "oh, a shoe that kids can wheel around, that would be a good gift for my little johny" and not "Oh, a SOAP shoe, you can jump up on high rails and grind down stair rails, that sounds dangerouos and extreme, but i bet my older son would love them"

Also let's face it, danger and how extreme something is go hand in hand. Heely's are NOT dangerous, SOAPs have that element which makes doing a successful grind so much more pleasing, and Inlines can be extremely dangerous and take a lot of practice and work, which is why these people can do such cool things that make people O.O

'nough said. This is my opinion.

Jun 10, 2007RamenRadio

Most heely videos I don't like, including that one. He might be an okay heeler, but most of those videos piss me off. Like on the heelys website, they try to make things seem so much intense than they really are. it's annoying, and it pisses me off. Like on a video of a frontside, they try to put on some stupid intense music. it's just a frontside jesus christ. And I don't see the point in jumping on a board and jumping back down. That doesn't seem like fun at all.

And what Trevor says is pretty much true. There are even doctors putting out even more notices on heelys about how it's actually HARMING your heels. I hear people are having complications with their heels now because of heelys. Most malls are not just kicking out people who wear heelys, but they don't want them sold in stores anymore either. So if HSL can try to counter all of that, I'd say they are pretty much fucked.

Jun 10, 2007AnthoFlex

Soaps will always be extreme due to the concept of grinding on handrails. Break down the rolling off blading and you got Soaps

Heelys cant be extreme due to the fact that its just rolling around. Break off the grinding factor off blading and you got Heelys.

In my personal opinion, Heelys are like rollerskates, not blades. You can dance with them, do cool spins and stuff. But to go big and xtreme, Soap is all for that. Relate, DEOS, UKFSW, and NYCS are living proof of that

Jun 10, 2007AnthoFlex

By the way Travis, I think you mean Doctors are putting out notices saying how Heelys destroy your spinal cord. If you've ever used Heelys for the first time, you can feel that stress like your spine is being stretched and twisted

Jun 10, 2007RamenRadio

whoops, yeah that's right lol

Jun 10, 2007xJeremiahx

I think that if soap ever went comepletely out of buisness I would probably buy some heely hybrids and just leave the damn wheel out.

Jun 10, 2007RamenRadio

Screw that shit. I'd stick to buying soaps off ebay, I don't care. I hate those dumb ass shoes, it's not comfortable, and it's a disgrace.

Jun 10, 2007RamenRadio

I'm sorry, but the last thing I'd ever want to do is wear heelys..... Even if it's only for the grind plate.

Jun 10, 2007SapAuthor

It's okay Ramen, i woudln't either. i remember how rock hard the sole of the shoe was, my feet hurt. Although it does also kind of depend on the rubber used. My boltars rocked because they had this soft squishy rubber. The Express worked becuase they had an air bubble (despight the hard rubber), and the 'new' express also work becuase they have soft rubber (just no air bubble).

My cleans are a bit hard on the feet though, they have the same rock solid rubber all Heely's have to have (the soft rubber would cause problems as the wheel would be able to sink into the shoe). Express will always be comfertable, and most SOAPs.

Two things go into comfert, air bubble/soft rubber, and high arch support. All SOAPs have high arch support, most have either air bubble or soft rubber.

Jun 14, 2007AnthoFlex

I'm looking at this video over and over and over again and i still dunt see a "flow" you just got the name "Flow" from the Heelys myspace blog.

Honestly, theres nothing smooth flowing about "carving" around the mini bend, and over the funbox.

Jun 14, 2007cherryman696966

after looking at this video closely i noticed that it is in fact the same initial run w/ different camera angels, he does the exact same patter jumping at the exact same spots so it therefore it the same thin over and over again.

Jun 14, 2007RamenRadio

It looks like it was planned out or something, yeah.....

Jun 14, 2007rhinoskater30

it reminds me of a wanna be inliner... oh and like you said, "Heelys are NOT dangerous"

well, when you give them a grindplate they are.

and like antho said too, that it doesn't flow, well it does with those spins and stuff and going into other stuff

Jun 14, 2007Megashadow77

Spins are gay. I can do them barefooted.

Jun 14, 2007rhinoskater30

this is even more annoying than the heelys tutorial


Jun 14, 2007rhinoskater30

HSL did something right...advertisement

Jun 14, 2007Megashadow77

...I wish I had some pairs of Heelys!.....and a double barrel shotgun.....I wouldn't have those Heelys for long.....

Jun 14, 2007AnthoFlex

Ok smart-ass, YOU define flow....right now, go

Jun 14, 2007AnthoFlex

whoever is impressed by this video is too easily impressed

Jun 14, 2007RamenRadio


Who are you saying should define flow?

Jun 14, 2007SpiderSoaper

hey adamblock, i think i know why this reminded u of the power rangers movie, because Adam the blackranger was asian, and he wore the same clothing as the guy in the vid, exept the black button up shirt, lol

Jun 14, 2007SapAuthor

lol. SpiderSoaper, that's kind of sad that you know that XD But good memory :P

(this is no way is meant to dis spidersoaper, i have the utmost repsect for you, just had to comment on it :P )

Jun 14, 2007RamenRadio

LMFAO man, that was pretty funny

Jun 14, 2007rhinoskater30

ahhhh power rangers, good times

Jun 16, 2007Rynasty

I too am confused by this "flow". Someone explain.

Jun 16, 2007SpiderSoaper

oh nah , i dont care much of wat people say but yea the only power rangers i really watch is mighty morphin, because it was the best and thats what i grew up with, and the violence was better and not cheap looking, and my friends say so too,anyway its giving tonight hell yea re-runs, and that movie was awsome......yea okay it is a little sad xP

Jun 16, 2007AnthoFlex

Ryan, i think hes meaning "Flow" as even flow of tricks. Tricks one right after the other. Which I think is completely a mind thing. The only reason he thinks that is because he is on a wheel the whole time. It looks "smoother" to be on a wheel doing those weak tricks.

Yes i said it hate crew, WEAK tricks

Jun 16, 2007SpiderSoaper

the only good thing of this vid is the fact he can use them in the bowl, cause heeling aint easy as i thought they looked

Jun 16, 2007SpiderSoaper

oh look at the time, power rangers generations!.......yea this is so ghetto, i luv it......

Jun 16, 2007RamenRadio

Heelys are easy man. In a bowl, however, I don't believe it's as easy as a regular surface.

Jun 16, 2007SpiderSoaper

i cant heel period, but i wanna try again, this senior at skool brung his and i tried, couldnt get balance

Jun 16, 2007SonicSoaper

A SENIOR!? Are you freaking kidding me? Does he still wear diapers?

Jun 16, 2007SpiderSoaper

....no, heelys is alright man, i just hate wen people diss it cause they like soap,

Jun 16, 2007RamenRadio

No no no no no, that's not the reason why. not at all, it's more because we don't like them in the first place. It's not because we like soap, it's because we don't like heelying. It's too freaking easy to do (well, for at least most people, including myself), it's not in the least intense (it's a complete RIP OFF of inline, and inline is where a lot of the intense is), the shoes are MAD uncomfortable man, and it gets fucking boring after a little while man. I try to explain that as much as possible, but those are the reasons spidersoaper :)

Jun 16, 2007RamenRadio

I hope you see why most of us here don't like them now.

Jun 16, 2007rhinoskater30

I think we're hating Heelys for the wrong reasons, we should really be hating on HSL. Heelys is another product with a grindplate that gives competition to Soap, and it is a little silly, but if it's not Heelys, then another company would do just the same. I mean look at all of these new Heely wanna-be companies that have just sprouted out.

It's HSL we don't like, and even if the the concept of rolling on your heels is weird, it is really HSL that is keeping Soap hidden.

Those are just my feelings.

Jun 17, 2007RamenRadio

silly? I thought you said in one of the previous threads that heelys were cool?

Jun 17, 2007SapAuthor

SpiderSOAPer, seriously, all hating aside, don't waste your money. I've heeled before when i was in middle school, it wasn't worth it. It's a novelty item, fun for the first couple days, until your calf and feet start hurting. If you have the wheel in, it's like walking on high heels, plus you can't walk down stairs with them in unless you want to slip and fall.

They don't take much talent at all, plus they look stupid on older people. It's a kids toy man.

I still have my pair stored away, i brought them out once cuz i was bored, and i got rebored in a couple minutes. The only people i think could make Heelys look cool is Jack-Ass, and if they used it to inflict pain on themselves.

Jun 17, 2007AnthoFlex

I hate on Heelys because a lot of Heeler fags hate on Soap. If it weren't for that, i would just dislike HSL (what they are doing). But because of that, i dislike what they are doing, and i hate on Heelys

: )

Jun 17, 2007sam

The only thing i really hate about HSL is that they realeased wayyyy too many simalar models on their first run, and nobody wanted to buy almost the exact same shoe.

Jun 17, 2007AnthoFlex

I'm starting to think they did that on purpose.

Because if you look at some of the Artemis and In-stride Soaps, some DO have the same sole, but the uppers, and thread-patterns make it its own coolness, you know?

Look at the MB Tank, Scab, and Clean. Same sole, but different uppers and colors. Thats what seperated them.

The Ordnance, Vector, and Squeeky as well. Of course, there are MANY MANY MANY more.

The ONLY HSL-made Soap that i think stands out from all the other ones (and is drop-dead gorgeous) is the Scam. The scam is THE sexiest Released HSL-made Soapshoe

Jun 17, 2007sam

Yeah, and the white grooves do look pretty good too.

Jun 17, 2007sam

Oh, and antho i totally agree with you on the upper colors, and designs being on what totally seperated the different soap models

Jun 17, 2007AnthoFlex

I personally think that of all the HSL shoes, the Groove is the most disgusting piece of shit, honestly

Jun 17, 2007SapAuthor

Scams look pretty cool. I'm still a 100%

Jun 17, 2007SapAuthor

Scams look pretty cool. I'm still a 100% boltar fan. Antho can back me up because Sal is a boltar fan too. Those are THE most comfertable, durable, and stylish shoe i've ever had the honor of slipping my feet into.

Lol i even got a comment one time about my shoes "those are the first shoes that look like a sports shoe" from some random stranger.

Plus ze squishy rubber and actual air bubbles in the entire shoe mad it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo comfterable. *sigh* i miss those shoes...

Jun 17, 2007RamenRadio

XD I sorta get what you mean, but I'm more on the sylons. Sylons boltars and scabs :D

Jun 17, 2007AnthoFlex

Sylons and Boltars are brothers

Jun 18, 2007Megashadow77

So....does that make Scabs and Prabas Sisters?

Jun 19, 2007AnthoFlex

If you ever saw the old site, and a few other places, They all refer to the Boltars and Sylons as brothers.

The prabas look like a Souped-up version of the Scabs. At least thats how both of mine look. (and it also says that on the Praba description

Jun 19, 2007Megashadow77

Oh, lol.
Man, I would kill to get a pair of...well, anything with replacable plates.

Jun 19, 2007Kru

Heelys are dangerous actually. Its a balance thing, I've seen kids fall on their arse and face. In fact most places I've seen them I really wonder.. why they are so.. so. I don't know. Its a trendy thing. Heelys actually suck, the shoe is uncomfortable the fit is terrible, the materials are cheap a cardboard shoe with a grindplate on it would be more comfortable.. but I have this dumb pair of heelys torch instead. I put them back in the box which they cometh from.

Then one day I thought "hey I haven't worn these in awhile" so I got the box put one on, unlaced and stopped "oh wow its like a brick on your foot.. damn skates are more comfortable then this junk." So I put it back in the box and put the box were it still sits. Wasted 80 bucks on sh-t shoes. Ugh. I may put 'em up on ebay. Once I get all the "Soap" logos I sharpied on it off. >:3
then with that money ill bid on some REAL working persons shoes, like scabs, or crowbars.

Jun 25, 2007SonicSoaper

Heelys can flow. They can flow you straight into a wall.

Jun 25, 2007RamenRadio

Or into a car as what happened when that guy couldn't stop. Poor guy, first time on heelys was his last.
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