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where the hell is everyone lately?
Jul 6, 2007 by iwantsoapshoes

sorry for the wasted post, but where the hell is everyone lately? there are like 20 people online, and even thats rare. and also, why arent the mods deleting those spam threads and stopping hackers?

Jul 6, 2007matrix8967

I swing by once a day usually. I stopped for like 2 weeks because i'd want to say something, and couldn't because my account was messed up...
but now that it's fixed, i come by about once a day and read...say things when I feel it's neccisary.

Jul 6, 2007Kile

iwantsoapshoes im going to hack you haha beware tomorrow your not going to be able to log in you to matrix8967 have fun trying Mwaahaha

Jul 6, 2007Megashadow77

..........OMFG! We're screwed!

Jul 6, 2007Kile

Now your not it's just whoever screws with me and megashadow im on your side just tell me who is bothering you and they'll be done

Jul 6, 2007Page645

this hacking eppidemic is starting to really piss me off

Jul 6, 2007xJeremiahx

I usualy stop by here a few times a day because I get bored at work. There hasn't been much good discution going on. Just spam / hacking / and camplaining about the hacking and spam.

Jul 6, 2007iwantsoapshoes

your gonna hack me? please, the only way that your gonna be able to hack me is if i give you my password,wich is something to do with a guy called neo and slow motion. shit, did i say that?

Jul 7, 2007Altman

Choco choco potato.

Jul 7, 2007SapAuthor

I visit here a lot, but i admit, i dont' post must anymore. The topics are too fragmented, no organization, and a lot of repeat stuff or irrelavent stuff. Plus the few topics that last i come in too late to join in :P to lazy to read all the posts to know what exactly is going on.

Jul 7, 2007Megashadow77

SolidGrind IS a mess...*sigh*

Jul 7, 2007RamenRadio

yes sir.....

Jul 11, 2007iwantsoapshoes


Jul 12, 2007Surfaced

20 people online? On SG? W

Well I think thats a lot for a Soap shoes site in 2007....

Jul 12, 2007iwantsoapshoes

surfaced! i havent seen you make a comment in ages.
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