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Express Shoes
Jul 11, 2007 by Spamson

wow, i got these yesterday and they are awesome!

much thanks to steve deel and trevor fayas for coming through with these shoes! i am delighted that i can start SOAPing again!

ive been hitting some rails and ledges, just FS/BS, but i lead with my left foot, so some of the rails are tough calls.

ive been waiting for this for like 5~7 years on and off lol.


Jul 11, 2007iwantsoapshoes

good for you. are you us or uk?

Jul 11, 2007xJeremiahx

sweet man. Have fun!!

I allways wanted soap shoes but my family was too poor to buy them (I had to wear payless shoes). By the time I could afford them on my oun they where nowhere to be found. I got my first pair 3 yeras ago from some random skate shop and it was their last pair. After those wore out I quit soaping because I couldn't find any. Then a couple months back I decided to go on a search for soap shoes again and found the SS soap shop.

Jul 12, 2007Spamson

im in us

Jul 12, 2007SapAuthor

Yeah, and that's the cool thing about the SSS Soap Shop, i'ts run by Me, Renny, and Steve, neither depend on the sales for income, so we try to bring them out for an affordable price. We just want SOAPs back.

Jul 12, 2007AnthoFlex

Trev, how is your count holding

Jul 12, 2007Spamson

keep up the good work you guys!

i would love to see the revival of SOAP shoes, or, if anything, some sort of deal where you can exclusively produce SOAPs with permission from HSL, similar to licensing someone to use your product.

also, you guys at the SSS SOAP Shop should try to get some Expresses in size 11, i really like the color scheme (white + orange always looked clean to me if applied correctly) :)

Jul 12, 2007AnthoFlex

We are being restocked next month. So sit tight. Even the White Express in size 9 will be replenished.

Next month people!
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