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are rollerbade's any good?
Jul 15, 2007 by iwantsoapshoes

ok, the oppurtuinity to get some of those rollerblade's with metal rollers has arrived, and im wondering if its worth getting them.

Jul 15, 2007DG

ehhhh... little control but good speed

Jul 15, 2007RamenRadio

are you talking about the RG grind shoes, or are you talking about inline skates?

Jul 15, 2007iwantsoapshoes

the RG'S

Jul 15, 2007AnthoFlex

Its not really worth getting because the metal rollers bend over time. and if that doesnt happen, the inside rusts, cosing it not to spin.

So you lose you speed, AND you lose even more control

Jul 18, 2007iwantsoapshoes

ok, i wont get them.

Jul 18, 2007ordnanceflint91

i have 2 pairs of the rollerblade shoes. if you want to own a piece of the grind shoe history get them. they arent a bad shoe. they are comfortable, they are really fast on rails, but like Renny said, no control. but the plates are removeable and so are the metal rollers
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