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Grind PLates!!!
Sep 29, 2007 by blakeashake

Hey bros in need size 12 grind plates i killed my bbks and all i got left r my uhfs so if anyone could help me out let me know.

Sep 29, 2007Megashadow77

Holy crap, you haven't been here...for like....ever!

Try E-mailing Steve Deel.

Sep 29, 2007blakeashake

kk thnx

Sep 29, 2007blakeashake

and ye a it has been quit some time since i have been on here.

Sep 30, 2007SapAuthor

blakeshake, i have a slightly used BBK plate for one foot, and the SloBro plate for the other (i htink left foot BBK and right foot Slobro) in that size. I mix up my plates, but if u need a pair. Email me via the soapshop, mabye i can help ya out.

Sep 30, 2007blakeashake

Steve emailed me and told me he has a pair of slow bros and bbks he'll sell me so I'm good but thanx for looking out bro!

Oct 10, 2007DEFEKT

just thought id increase my chances of obtaining grind plates...and screws and tool.......needed please! any help would be great!

Oct 10, 2007DEFEKT

size 12 if that makes any diff. too..
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