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Rust and Square Rails
Aug 3, 2004 by Namlhof

Well I don't like posting two times around the same time but I'll make an exception.

It seems that some favoured rails are barely grindable. They have either rusted or lost paint over time. Does anybody have a solution to this problem? I fear it'll wreck the plates on my shoes.

Really the only other rails I can grind are not round. There are tons of those in this city. I have never tried grinding them either. So what exactly can I do to solve this problem?

Aug 3, 2004Greg

1) spray paint the rails at night with some buddies. grinding the rusted rail is just gonna slow you down, not wreck your shoes, but the paint helps a lot.

2) as long as your plate will fit on the rail you cant grind it.

3) boogers.

Aug 3, 2004Curtinator

Just wax up the frikin rail Really really good I did it and it worked. :)

Aug 3, 2004Smokey

You can always just kill yourself...

Aug 3, 2004Curtinator

Thats another way :)

Aug 3, 2004Namlhof

I prefer Greg's method over yours, Smokey. Killing myself kind of defeats the whole Soaping idea. Thanks for the "thoughtful" advice though.

Aug 4, 2004Smokey

I'm only here to help.

Aug 4, 2004Curtinator

Hell yeah!!!

Aug 4, 2004Mart

If you've got a pair of soaps with removable plates, you don't need to worry about wrecking your plates since they're thick as hell

Also, a thin layer of wax works wonders; the last UKFSW session saw a huge white handrail about 30metres+ long, rusted to hell, and after waxing it up it was fine

Aug 5, 2004Namlhof

Hmmm, no the grindplates are not removeable :/ . Thankyou for the help and all. Still wish I could grind square rails. BUT now I know thay my favourite rails are still grindable.

Aug 5, 2004Mart

Square rails are a lot more dangerous than round ones; the point of contact on the grindplate is on two very small points; the edges of the rail top, whereas on a round rail the plate wraps around it to a degree, which to me seems more stable

Aug 9, 2004Curtinator

He's Smart ;)

Aug 16, 2004FederalBikes

we have a square rail in the middle of are school by the gym and it goes down a slant or whatever maybe 30-40ft and last time i grinded that was at a volleyball game, and i racked my self. no fun, couldn't walk for a couple of days

Oct 21, 2004draper_dude

smokey..wuts wrong wit u? like seriously hes rite that does defeat teh whole porpose.......ur one freaky dude
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Louis hittin a Frontside
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Derek Brooks with a backside farfegnugen in a Des Moines parking garage
Aaron Taraboletti sliding a square kinked rail at Drake University
Ryan Armstrong hittin a Royale