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Heelys Torch and Soap Express
Apr 14, 2008 by heelyhailey

OK, I mean this not to be a spam thread, it's just a question.
So what is the difference between a Heelys Evolution and Torch and a Soap Express? Both of them feature a Express plate made by HSL, so is there really a difference?


Apr 15, 2008AnthoFlex

I know what the difference is, but i don't need HSL making a better Evolution or Torch. Sorry

Apr 15, 2008MiTcH1337

I thought HSL wasnt making Soap Shoes anymore?

Apr 15, 2008AnthoFlex

If they didn't make them, then how do we sell them at the shop?

Apr 15, 2008Joshua3109

well just because it has the Heelys name, almost nobody on this site is going to buy them and anybody who does will be regarded a doushbag for wearing and using heelys.
O, theres this gay fucking circle shaped thing in the heel that spins really fast that no Soaps have

Apr 15, 2008MiTcH1337

Oh.. You do have a point.

Well Im getting like 2-3 of my friends to order some Soaps. Hopefully Mid NY can get some more SOAP Action.

Apr 15, 2008Wesker


Apr 15, 2008heelyhailey

wesker, not really, i was just wondering. I have the torch and they just seem so heavy sometimes so i was wondering if it'd be worth it to buy soaps. thats all.

Apr 15, 2008AnthoFlex


Apr 15, 2008xJeremiahx

I've never felt how heavy heelys are but I am sure the express is much lighter.

I don't notice a difference in weight between my soaps and my regular skate shoes.

Apr 15, 2008wyattpeterson

umm the difference is that expresses are lighter, more comfortable and just look a lot cooler .... oh yea and they dont have a wheel

Apr 16, 2008rhinoskater30

Express don't have a fucking cave in the heel. AND, HSL just went ahead and slapped the ol' express plate on the torch and evolution too. That's the difference.

It's like HSL thinks up gay models for Heelys and the same models for Soaps...what's up with THAT!?
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