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What's your favourite soap shoe?
Apr 30, 2008 by iwantsoapshoes

So, lets hear it, whether you own it or not, what's your favourite soap?

Apr 30, 2008Hattmac02

i want some saffron scabs

May 1, 2008mets603412

scorchers broadsides asides sylon/goa

May 1, 2008Kain


May 1, 2008Kingyo

I can't really say, I never tried SOAPs shoes before in my life. Although I ordered (again, stupid paypal)black Express.

May 1, 2008moojuiceman

blue/black a-sides, if they had to be released at some point then the blue/black broadsides

May 3, 2008aughey456

the goas mist or the white outs, but the best shoe to buy would be the broadsides or the express.

May 3, 2008Hattmac02

if it was a shoe that diddnt have to be released i would say the slice....jk the red a-sides

May 3, 2008AnthoFlex

Hornet express, Red A-side

May 4, 2008wyattpeterson

Favorite soaps i do have = Blue and black express'http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d31/wyattp/soapshoes.jpg


May 4, 2008Hattmac02

no offense but terrible paint job

May 4, 2008Spano565

Hey Hattmac what's up you haven't posted in like forever.Do you have aim?And nice job wyatt for makin that yourself, i'm just not a fan of the color but it's all personal preference.

May 4, 2008AnthoFlex

I think it looks pretty kool. I woulda tried to do more with the midsole, but thats just me

May 5, 2008Kain

awesome paintjob

May 5, 2008wyattpeterson

thanks yea im not an artiest

May 5, 2008Spano565

Change my mind i like those shoes wyatt they look nice and remind me of the giants.You should name em' blue octane,or crack thunda,or liquid octanes, or some catchy shit like that.

May 5, 2008Hattmac02

yea my aim is xdefeasancex and the color is cool but the job is bad

May 5, 2008Spano565

Ok, cool i'm gonna add you now and ttyl because i have school.

May 6, 2008wyattpeterson

ur bad hattmac
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