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Buy SOAP Shoes List * LAST POST*
Jul 17, 2010 by BuySoaps


It's been a good run everyone, however I only have a few pairs of shoes left that I am willing to sell. After this, there will be no more soap shoes, grind plates, screws, or DVDs for sale.

I am selling used shoes for 50 dollars each, 100 dollars for any new pairs I might have left.

P.S. I would like to thank Brad for your support, you're a good guy.

Brand new:

2 pairs Cherynobl goas size 12

White Turntables size 9

Heelys grind this


Vector Grey/Yellow Size 10

Heelys mack size 10

Vector Size 11 (grey and yellow)

Clean Sand size 10

Clean Black Size 12

Cleans Black Size 11

Ordinance Petrols size 12 (with slo bros)

Septums White Size 9

Heelys grind this

Jul 17, 2010Brad


Jul 17, 2010Brad


Jul 17, 2010Brad


Ok, lets try this one more time. I still want to buy those ords from ya, but im 30 bucks short.

Jul 17, 2010Brad

And maybe those 12 cleans if youre still in stock by the time i get the money :P

Jul 19, 2010Sheepsama

what size are the heelys grind this?

Jul 20, 2010Sheepsama

can I buy the black cleans size 11?

Jul 21, 2010BuySoaps

those are size's 11 and 12

Jul 25, 2010jfuya2000

Hey dude, do you still have the Used Clean Black 11's? I'd like to buy those as well if you still have 'em =) Lemme know, thx!

Jul 30, 2010mafianinjabeast

What is the tracking number for my cleans? Please email to respond.
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