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favorite grind plates,and why
Mar 12, 2012 by zelda

What are your favorite grind plates and why? Give some details

Mar 12, 2012RamenRadio

Bbks are the best grind plates ever. They are thick so you can grind on plenty of curbs and ledges, then when you wear them down you can shape grooves in them for handrails. You can do the same with the express plate, bbks are bigger than the express though. Some complained that they made shoes heavy, I didnt see the big deal though. Unless I'm wearing a pair of express, I don't notice the weight of the shoes that can remove the grind plates

Mar 12, 2012Brad

Octanes just cause i hear theyre pretty rad :P Out of experience though, ive only used BBKs and slobros. Of which, id have to say I liked bbks more for the same reasons ramen said.

Mar 12, 2012sk8erx34

only plates ive ever used are express lol =/

Mar 12, 2012zelda

Well how do you like them :P
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