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rawk stawk
Jun 8, 2013 by kowalski

I emailed rawk about their stawk situation. Here is their response:

Good Afternoon,

Many thanks for your enquiry. All the Soap Shoes that we currently have in stock are available on the website. We are due to get some more Soap Shoes in the near future however they are likely to be more of the same models we have in a more vast range of sizes.

Kind Regards



So, it looks like there is a warehouse somewhere with a stack of Soaps left and rawk refill from there when they need to.

This is pretty good news. It means there are probably more Soaps available in my size than I will ever need and the same for you guys.

The demand is unlikely to dramatically increase unless someone starts manufacture again.

Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

Are we sure it's a warehouse and secretly they aren't being reproduced? Just a thought, truth be told I have no idea. This is beyond any research I ever did.

Jun 8, 2013kowalski

I don't know but I'd think if they were fresh pairs being manufactured now they would cost significantly more then £20 a pair.

Also, the stock seems to not all be from the same era. The box for my Scabs was different to the one for my girls Cleans, her box even included a "How to Heely" DVD!

Jun 8, 2013camaro126

Come on scab bumblebees in size 12! ;D I'd also like some cleans and mb tanks in my size. Good news and explains why there has been more stock.

Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

Wait what?!??!?!

Putting that aside for a moment, keep in mind the scorchers were really inexpensive shoes to make, and they were sold for over a 120 USD. Like I think that it cost 5 USD to make them.

I see your point that it might not be entirely profitable though.

In reference to the How to heely DVD, that was a ploy done by heelys to make all their soap shoes customers into heelers and fade it into the background.

Needless to say it worked

Jun 8, 2013zelda

someone had better contact that new company then, if they're making new shoes and we don't know about it should be some freaking scorchers and broadsides

Jun 10, 2013Revengasaur

Rawk bought the rights to all the backstock soaps from the last UK soap distributor last year. I talked to them about new shipments. It sounds like they have dibs on all the soaps in the distributor's various warehouses, so whenever they run across them in storage, they send them to Rawk to unload. So it's pretty unpredictable whats going to be available when.

Jun 10, 2013kowalski

That is some pretty interesting intel, Revengasaur.

Now I'm thinking, if there are random pallets of Soaps in the dark corners of ex-Soap distributors warehouses in the UK, it increases the likelihood that there are random pallets of Soaps in the dark corners if ex-Soap distributors warehouses in other countries where Soaping was popular too.

There are maybe even old boxes of Salomons lying around somewhere too.

From the research I've done so far it seems the countries where it was most popular are / were Germany, Australia, the U.S. and the UK.

I wonder if we can find out who the official distributors are / were for a bunch of other countries and try and track down any forgotten stocks out there.

Jun 18, 2013TomRawk

Hey guys.

Just a quick update from Rawk HQ. We just took a MASSIVE delivery of random Soaps in various models, designs and sizes.

We also got a whole bunch of grind plates.

I don't have a list yet of what has arrived but we'll be going through the stock and updating the website over the next few days.

If you'd like, I can keep you posted with updates and let you know when the stock take is done & when the website is up to date.

Please bear with us as A LOT have arrived and they aren't in any real order to speak of.

Wish us luck!



p.s Here's a pic of just some of the stock that's arrived: https://twitter.com/rawkskates/status/347018534217453568/photo/1

Jun 18, 2013kowalski

Oh shit!

They already updated Spectrum Sylons. New sizes listed.

Jun 18, 2013Relate2Videos

Holy crap. Tom whats yours/rawks email? I wanted to ask you guys some questions.

Jun 18, 2013Relate2Videos

Theyre called the viva lv, look them up in the shoes section.

Jun 18, 2013TomRawk

Drop any questions you have to info@rawk.com.

If you put the subject as "Soap Shoes / Tom" then they'll get forwarded to me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

We'll be working through the new stock from tomorrow, I didn't realise we'd already updated the Sylon Spectrums ha ha.

Cheers guys,


Jun 18, 2013zelda

:O that's so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 18, 2013Revengasaur

This is the biggest news the soaping community has had the pleasure of receiving in quite a while. Thanks Tom!

Jun 18, 2013mindreader


Jun 18, 2013manofmisery


Jun 18, 2013camaro126

Holy crap that's a huge shipment of shoes. Look at all of those boxes!

Jun 18, 2013camaro126

Here's to hoping they have the Black/Saffron Scabs in US 12!!

It'd be cool if they had a few more rare ones too. A man can dream. :D

Jun 18, 2013kowalski

I shall be hitting the refresh button all day tomorrow till the new stock is listed.

Jun 18, 2013camaro126

Me too. I'm kinda skeptical about some though. I've heard the Goas just don't hold up. The material is too old and from personal experience Sylons don't hold up either. This may be different because they have been sheltered from any elements. I think everyone would flip if they had broadsides. :D

Jun 18, 2013Relate2Videos

that depends on if the shipments really are brand new shoes, or if they are left over stock. If the shoes are brand spanking new, they are heavy duty shoes.

Jun 18, 2013camaro126

That's true and of all the ones I've gotten from them have had that "new" shoe smell. Do you think something would retain that smell after 10 years, even if enclosed in a box/sealed?

Jun 18, 2013kowalski

I want in either a size 4 (Brynhild) or size 11 (me):

Anything shoe with Curb Busters

I dream of:

Jun 18, 2013kowalski

Rawk already stated that this is old stock from a warehouse somewhere. The prices and mixed packaging also confirm this.

There is no secret manufacturing conspiracy.

Jun 18, 2013camaro126

Mmmm crowbars would be awesome! haha

Jun 19, 2013Revengasaur

They may have some amazing things waiting for us, but I wouldn't start dreaming too deeply just yet. Many models had limited and irregular production runs. I doubt we'll see much in the way of rare and coveted models in the new stock.

Jun 19, 2013camaro126

Me either, just dreaming. lol

I really hope for some bumblebee scabs in US 12 though. That's not too far fetched I don't think. Those are my favorite scabs, look amazing!

Jun 19, 2013kowalski

Me too.

I think bumblebee Scabs are a realistic possibility for you. As are shoes with Curb Busters or some T-Bones for me (judging by previous stock at rawk).

Faders and Vectors, unlikely. But, I love the designs.

Jun 19, 2013Relate2Videos

Kowalski I have about two sets of curb busters

Jun 19, 2013Relate2Videos

truth be told though I find it kind of hard to believe there's so much left over soap shoes stock. Heelys must have screwed up bad

Jun 19, 2013kowalski

I'll mail you later.

I am less surprised that there is old stock lying about. I worked a few years as the planner for a national warehousing operation in England. There was always old stock of product lying around, especially where the item had gone out of production.

And, there is the famous example of the thousands of collectible Star Wars figurines buried in a landfill site somewhere in England.

It it's even less surprising when you also consider that Soap were a company that was bought and sold many times and that there were multiple extended periods where no Soaps at all were being produced.

It makes sense that there would be lots of forgotten stock around the world.

Jun 19, 2013kowalski

America's and their conspiracies.

Jun 19, 2013Relate2Videos

Blame 9/11 lmfao

Jun 19, 2013TomRawk

Hey guys just wanted to post a quick update, I hope you don't mind.

Just to confirm, as Kowalski posted, these are not newly manufactured Soaps, they are the remaining stock that was available at Soap's UK distributor.

However, they are new in that they have never been worn or used before. We do check every pair before they are sent out to make sure they are in excellent condition.

I also know that some of you are desperate for Broadsides but unfortuantely I haven't come across any while looking through yesterday's delivery.

A general rule would be, if they weren't available in the UK before, or if they were but only on a limited run, then chances are they won't be in the stock we have received.

But, we do have a huge range here. We've received loads of the sizes that had gone out of stock on Rawk.com and I think we'll also have a few new models, designs and colours. As well as replacement grindplates.

I really hope that helps and clears a few things up.

As before, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop me a message at info@rawk.com and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Thanks guys,


Jun 19, 2013kowalski

Thanks for the update, Tom. It is really appreciated.

I'm very excited to see what models of grind plate you have and, of course, the range of shoes available.

Jun 19, 2013TomRawk

It's totally my pleasure Kowalski,

I just hope we have something for everyone.

Once the Soaps have been counted and the website is up to date, I'll let you all know.

It might take a while as there's loads of them! I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.



Jun 19, 2013kowalski

I got no spit.

Jun 19, 2013kowalski

Classic cinema.

Jun 19, 2013Relate2Videos

Thanks for the update Tom

Jun 19, 2013camaro126

Oh man, I can't wait for the site to be updated. Looking forward to the grind plates too.

Jun 19, 2013Revengasaur

Just ordered some shoes off of rawk. Pretty stoked on the excellent attitude of the staff.

Jun 19, 2013kowalski

I've had a great experience each time I've order from them too and the delivery service is the best too.

Jun 19, 2013camaro126

Yeah. It only takes two days to get here from Rawk and I live in California. Crazy fast!

Jun 20, 2013TomRawk

Thanks for the great comments guys. I'm going to make sure that the Soap stock is updated before the weekend.

We probably won't be able to go through all the new stock but we'll do our best to get as much done as we can. I'll keep you posted with any new styles, colours or sizes that are listed on Rawk.



Jun 20, 2013kowalski

Can't wait.

Jun 21, 2013TomRawk

Quick update guys,

The stock take has been done and nearly 1,300 pairs of Soaps have been sorted and counted. (Forgive me if I don't want to see another pair of Soaps for the time-being ha ha....)

As I thought, the stock that has arrived is mostly the same models that were on the website before. Some models and sizes that had sold out will now be back in stock.

New models that have arrived are the Sylon Black (available in sizes UK 4, 5 & 6) and the Boltar Indigo (sizes 6 & 8).

Right, I'm off to update the website and load up all the new sizes.

As always, any questions, email me at info@rawk.com.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jun 21, 2013kowalski

That's a fair few shoes.

Jun 21, 2013TomRawk

Sure is Kowalski!

The stock has now been updated for the existing models.

The Sylon Black and Boltar Indigo shoes need to be photographed and so they'll be going live on Rawk next week.

Have a great weekend!


Jun 21, 2013kowalski

A few extra options in my size, nice. Just checking for my girl's size too.

Any news on the grind plates, Tom?

Enjoy your weekend too, man.

Jun 21, 2013Revengasaur

I will soon have my long-awaited Baby Blue Cleans...

Jun 21, 2013kowalski

Nice one, Revengasaur.

Jun 21, 2013kowalski

Use one of the coupon codes, depending on the size of your order:

RAWKTWEET = -£6.09

Jun 21, 2013kowalski


Those codes again, but correct this time:

RAWKTWEET = -£6.09
RAWK10 = -10%

Jun 22, 2013dariuswright

hey guys I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on my first soaps. I was hoping for a durable one but also one that I can where out. maybe also.something that tomrawk would have.thanks its good.to see that soaps are getting popular again

Jun 22, 2013Relate2Videos

Cleans are the most heavy duty soaps period. Sylons used to be a hreat model but not so much anymore. Id recommend scabs, cleans, or any shoe with an express plate for the best experience. Any shoe with the express grind plate are such light shoes. Check out the express, chaos and scam soap shoes.

Jun 22, 2013kowalski

¬°Hola dariuswright! Welcome to the forum.

You are going to have so much fun Soaping. It is really exciting waiting for your first shoes.

Jun 22, 2013camaro126

Can't wait for their site to be updated with the plates! Any news on that and when those other shoes will be photographed, Tom?

Jun 29, 2013kowalski

I'm really itching to put an order in to rawk, but I am holding out for the grind plate stock. I hope it is updated soon.

I'm back in England from Wednesday to Sunday, then I won't be visiting England again for a while. It would be brilliant if I could get my order sorted and delivered to England while I'm there. It is only about £3 delivery cost to England. It is £22.50 to deliver to Spain, where I will be after next week.

Also, just want now!

I'll buy mine and my girl's sizes in each and every type of grind plate available (possibly only BBKs and Originals judging by other stock available internationally, but fingers crossed for more variety).

Gonna try a size down in White Cleans as well. The size 11 Scabs I have are pretty spacious in the toe area. So I'm going to put half soles in them so they grip my feet better. Given that, maybe I fit better in a smaller size.

My friend wants a pair too, so I am going to order his together with my order. He is bugging me daily for them too!

We've got Soap fever!

Jun 29, 2013Relate2Videos

Dude be careful with cleans, theyre great shoes but bbks were not made for cleans and scab models with uhf originals. They stick out on the sides and if you land the wrong way on the sides, you cess slide on the ground. Caution

Jun 29, 2013zelda

Actually makes sense since originally the only plate out was the original

Jun 30, 2013kowalski

You mean, when you are jumping off an obstacle or maybe falling off one that your foot might land in the side a bit and because of the nylon extrusion?

Can I just grind them down a bit?

Jun 30, 2013Relate2Videos

The place where the plates stick out are not typically the same place where you are grinding. Its hard to point out the exact places by posting about it, but its basically the four corners of the grind plates. Wear those down yourself somehow and make sure the plate does not stick out over the rubber of the shoe. Good luck.

Jul 3, 2013kowalski

I exchanged more emails with rawk this week.

The plates they have are Originals. They also have the non-plate accessory The Maxwell, which turns your Soap shoe into a normal shoe (for those not aware).

They have all sizes of both, but they are not listed on the website yet.

Jul 3, 2013camaro126

Awww, I was hoping they'd have more of the good ones. Originals are good too but would have been nice to have a variety. Oh well.

Jul 3, 2013kowalski

I might buy some Sylons just for the plates.

Jul 10, 2013Revengasaur

I wonder when they'll be posting the plates. I want some maxwells.
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