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Maxwell hittin a Frontside
Maxwell hittin a Frontside

Photographer: Casey Faris
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Dec 5, 2003 mike

video stills are *NOT* pictures...nice grind...but yeah

Dec 5, 2003 andy

I like the tractor in the background.

Dec 5, 2003 3i5g00d

yes the "trackor" is cool nice rail

Dec 5, 2003 3i5g00d


Dec 5, 2003 3i5g00d

umm derek or person who runs this page when u have ur mouse over the thumb nail for this pic on the home page it says my name... lol

Dec 5, 2003 Mart

It does that for everyone. Don't worry, you're not special And what's with pointing out dumb shit all the time?

Dec 5, 2003 Benji

this is from team tactic www.judeco.net/tactic.htm the are some other soap from oregon who live a little south from BiS good grind

Dec 5, 2003 Benji

i dont know english

Dec 5, 2003 Benji

actually heres the link to their site http://soapingforever.tk/

Dec 6, 2003 Smokey

I thought we went over the whole pointing out stupid shit thing...

Dec 6, 2003 Mart

So did I, Ryan

Dec 6, 2003 ticktock

I didn't point it out this time so don't blame me

Dec 6, 2003 ticktock

please don't leave this one up forever

Dec 6, 2003 pushead

I haven't said anything about the people pointing stupid shit out yet, i think i will. What's with these people pointing out the most pointless, isignificant shit all the time? I think i am going to start submitting pictures of road signs and cars, and whatever else, just for you people who HAVE to comment on that stuff.

Dec 6, 2003 pushead

anyways. Pretty good frontside. though you should get a better camera or whatever

Dec 6, 2003 aNdz

tru dat

Dec 6, 2003 ElSpanko

ok this is a picture comment, not misc discussion, come on now, oh nice ground, that is a sexy rail

Dec 6, 2003 ElSpanko

haha i said "ground", i meant grind, i was just thinking what i would fall on if i hit that rail :-P

Dec 7, 2003 Counterfeit6662

Yay for me, I'm honored that Derek allowed me the right to be on solidgrind.com!

Dec 7, 2003 Phantom00991

Great Grind, it only took 12 trys to get that shot...Visit the TACTIC site at www.soapingforever.tk

Dec 7, 2003 Phantom00991

I thaught I'd be cool too! don't point out the non-intellegent feces anymore. for the intellegence challenged: no more stupid shit

Jan 22, 2004 Trogdor

Soaping? what kinda name is that? It should be more like FLAMING!!! ha ha h aah harh aharhahahharar!

Jan 22, 2004 SktBoarder04


Jan 22, 2004 SktBoarder04

Definently!!! FLAMING!!!!

Jul 15, 2004 Fat_people_suck

i would tell him to die, but theres a kink

Jul 22, 2004 Fat_people_suck

ya know, kinks really arent that hard

Jul 24, 2006 Mart

That's one tall rail. These boys weren't half bad from what I saw

Oct 8, 2006 matrix8967

you should have soaped that green thing...there was a fire truck in the town square with the ladder extended (they extended the ladder and carried the flag up the ladder, instead of putting the flag on, then extending the ladder...i hate arkansas) and i thought it would be amazing to grind...impossible...but amazing...


Feb 11, 2007 AnthoFlex

You damn right Mart.

I think everyone saw the new vid that Ryan released....Pure gold is what that video was

i love that vid

May 6, 2007 sam

That looks exactly like my school...