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Derek Brooks hittin a Backside Farfegnugen
Derek Brooks hittin a Backside Farfegnugen

Photographer: Zach Larson
Shoes: Scorcher
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Apr 30, 2006 goodriddance

sick dude...but it looks like you are grinding a book shelve and that thing is real low to the ground MIDGET TOWN!! haha jk but yeah nice b/s farf

Dec 15, 2006 AnthoFlex

He loves dem Backside Farfs!

Dec 16, 2006 SonicSoaper

Derek's face is all creepy, like the Excorsist or something.

Dec 16, 2006 AnthoFlex

Im offended Sonicsoaper, i thought i had the scariest face, imma go to the corner and cry now lmao :)

Feb 14, 2007 RamenRadio

That's one sick grind, but holy crap, that face.... And how you have your legs bent is very interesting. It actually looks like your legs are shorter than they appear. hmmmm interesting

Feb 14, 2007 SonicSoaper

Oh the wondeful powers of very baggy pants.

Feb 14, 2007 RamenRadio

haha it's probably that too

Apr 15, 2007 AnthoFlex

AHHH! attack of the 2nd knee again!!!


Jun 19, 2007 AnthoFlex

Derek, are those your desist Blue Scorchers?

Jun 19, 2007 broox

yes, i love those shoes... they still exist, i still wear them from time to time. the cloth in the heal is worn way off and the heel plastic ruins my socks - but sometimes it's worth it.

Jun 19, 2007 Megashadow77

.....I want your shoes.

Jun 19, 2007 SonicSoaper

Don't even bother. He trickd me into thinking he was going to give me one of his A-Side pairs.

Aug 19, 2007 greenfire8484

Derek's face is all creepy, like the Excorsist or something.
Red eyes and all. And it wouldn't be 'the Exorcist'. the exorcist is the one who cures the demonic possession. But sweet bookshelf grind!

Feb 24, 2010 Brad

Nice face.

Jan 15, 2015 Waffle

Oh god, Derek's face!