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Shadow grinding
Eddie Ramirez Promo Poster for summer ad campaign.
Bryndon with another one of his signature huge frontsides
Jersey hitting a cheese grater on a practice rail while drinking
Wyatt Peterson busting out that wife beating royale in Eugene, OR
pulling off a frontslide on the university rails
Makio variation by AnthoFlex at XW Demo 2
Wyatt Peterson busting a unity on a drop rail
just m doing some tricks
Stuart Pickston doing a frontside at the blue tesco rail
AnthoFlex hitting a Frontside on the Scaturro SuperMarker Loading Dock Rail
Frontside Grind
AnthoFlex hits a Alley-Oop Mizuo in a local park
AnthoFlex hitting a Mizuo outside of Radio  City Music Hall
AnthoFlex hits a Makio on a ledge
Bryndon with a frontside.
Stuart Pickston Sliding the Ernest Jones Kink
Stuart Pickston with a cess slide down a ramp.
thats me hitting this ledge at Simpsons Furniture
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