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Welcome to Solid Grind.com
A site dedicated to the Soap/Grind Shoe Scene

Soap Shoes (grind shoes, rather) are shoes that have plastic plates in the sole that allow you to slide across things such as handrails, ledges, benches, and many other things. It's very similar to aggresive inline skating - except you only need shoes! This site is dedicated to promoting and documenting everything about the activity.
Jan 23, 2018 by broox

Hey second gen (and geezer) Soapers!

If anyone is still out there and visiting this website, I just wanted to give y'all a heads up that I'll be moving everything to a new server soon. I honestly can't believe this site is still running on crappy old code that I wrote well over a decade ago... But, I figured I might as well keep everything around if it's still working!

I won't be updating any features in the process, but if there's anything that you've noticed is definitely busted, please let me know and I'll try to get it fixed up.

Thanks for keeping these fun lil shoes alive!
Apr 3, 2015 by broox


Bringing Solid Grind into the year 2015... We just launched a shop on the iOS App Store with some of the original scene paraphernalia that we found layin around in boxes. Check it out and cop yourself some stickers or other OG Soap gear! There's not much here, so get it fast!


...and if you don't have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad you're just gonna have go borrow one from a friend!
Nov 22, 2014 by Louis

It's with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Travis, known on here as Zelda, who was a big part of this community and a great friend to many on this site. Please watch the tribute video posted by his friend Greg, known here as grug250.

Jul 15, 2008 by Louis

There seems to be problems with the forum and people not being able to see their comments and/or what they type.

I've found a simple solution to this, simply refresh (pressing F5 on most keyboards) the page over and over until the comments pop back up. It's a pain sometimes, but it works. Has anyone thought of contacting Derek to fix this? I'm sure he could fix it very quickly.
May 5, 2008 by Louis

Hi guys,
Sorry to make my first post in a while a rather downbeat one, but I would like to remind all of solidgrind's (very dedicated) members what this place is about and always has been about since the brooksfsw days... sharing the love of the sport!
Unfortunately, some people have been getting rather abusive on the forums, and while I have so far let this stuff just pass (as have most of you guys by letting threads just sink) I have had to get a bit more decisive and just remove abusive posts. Please, lets keep solidgrind a happy place! I know I'm not all that integrated in the current wave of soaping and solidgrind activity, but I am still here and I still care about it, and I can see you guys are too! You've all done a lot of good and hard work to spread the word on soapshoes, so don't let it go to ruins!
Thanks guys!
Louis - UKFSW for life!
Gabriel hittin a Frontside
Aaron Taraboletti hittin a stickin a backslide
Ryan Dawes hittin a Frontside on a big ol kinked rail.
Orr Whartman hittin a Frontside
Amy Gerein hittin a Fastslide (see, chicks can soap too)