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Hugo deLeon hittin a Slidin down the back porch
Hugo deLeon hittin a Slidin down the back porch

Photographer: unknown
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Aug 28, 2003 Smokey

I wish I had a back porch like that...

Sep 5, 2003 Rocker

i have one like that sorta except it is a flat bar. I could grind it easy but if i did my parents would kill me. out

May 28, 2004 Curtinator

Who is twiggy? Oh wait twiggy tyhe soaper?

May 25, 2006 AnthoFlex

Damn....on wood? Thats hot

Feb 27, 2007 RamenRadio

Those shoes look like boltars

Feb 27, 2007 SonicSoaper

Hmm, that snow doesn't look too inviting for a bail.

Oct 27, 2007 AnthoFlex

the right shoe looks like a scab....so does the left kinda...but if you look at the left closely...look like boltars

Feb 26, 2008 Spano565

I'm likin the wood.