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Wyatt Peterson hitting a fastslide on the practice rail
Wyatt Peterson hitting a fastslide on the practice rail

Photographer: Derek Brooks
Shoes: Sylon
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Apr 20, 2006 Louis

hello legs.....oh yeah, well played little man. its always the younguns who are the mosyt suicidally unafriad

Apr 20, 2006 Surfaced

And that's why we've always got a future... because the young are always ready to try shit without having a clue of what they are really going at.

May 6, 2006 urdumb

if i was him, as soon as i got off that rail i would have pushed that girl into the bathroom and railed her

Jun 3, 2006 teamhoax

arghhh!I want 2 skate the quarter in the background ! lmao

Jun 3, 2006 AnthoFlex

what quarter pipe?

Jun 3, 2006 Mart

That concrete structure behind the portable toilets

Jun 4, 2006 AnthoFlex

oh wow i didnt even see that lmfao!!

Jul 7, 2006 AnthoFlex

OMG! is he bleeding?

Jul 7, 2006 AnthoFlex

nvm, its probably just a scab or sumthing

Jul 7, 2006 Surfaced

Maybe he was eating something.

Aug 24, 2006 SonicSoaper

He proly had a meatball and didn't bother to clean his face. Nice grind though.

Nov 22, 2006 Kile

oh yeh look at those babes

Nov 26, 2006 Kru

mmm chocolate.. oh dude a rail! I do fastslides all the time but they are more logical on non angled rails.. its easier to do a missingno (my own tweaked trick of combining lateral moves with non lateral plates).. which is lead foot royale angle follow foot the toes touching the rail.. it looks so sick when executed properly

Nov 29, 2006 Soopahsonic

I can fly!!

Jan 2, 2007 Soopahsonic

Is'nt Missingno a glitch pokemon thing?

Jan 2, 2007 AnthoFlex


Jan 2, 2007 Mart

A 'missingno' would be a Drag Queen. It is impossible to invent new tricks on Soaps as they all came from inline. If you think you've invented a trick, ask what it's name is as it already exists

Jan 2, 2007 AnthoFlex

Yea like my Sole Christ. It turned out to be a Christ Makio...nicer name i think.

And i do rememeber Missingno being a glitch thing in the pokemon game. But props to Mart for pointing that out. Since i dunt inline, i dunno the REAL names of the tricks

Jan 2, 2007 SonicSoaper

My friend Nick used to do agressive inline. He's thinking of getting Soaps.

Jan 8, 2007 snikas

cool. soaping is a turn on to chicks. lol

Jan 8, 2007 SonicSoaper

Actually if you watch the Best of DEOS(Or whatever video it is) vid it actually says that most chicks think soaping is weak. Sucks for them. I think it's funny how much my girlfriend freaks about me hurting myself while Soaping.

Jan 8, 2007 snikas

hey dosent matter to me. but chicks think its weak. man that stinks

Jan 8, 2007 snikas

maby that kid can get their numbers. if he did that would be awsome.

Feb 8, 2007 AnthoFlex

Maybe the QP in the backround has already been sk8ed.....I woulda

Mar 7, 2008 wyattpeterson

damnn this was like 7 years ago when i first started out

Apr 23, 2008 MiTcH1337

Wow man.. Props to your for staying with SOAPing.

Apr 29, 2008 Spano565

Little wyatt lol.