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Dan_H hittin a Frontside
Dan_H hittin a Frontside

Photographer: Joe H
Shoes: Scab
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Jan 25, 2004 Smokey

How far did you slide? If that little bank were any bigger, you should try transferring down to a cess slide or something. That would be pretty cool.

Jan 25, 2004 Mart

...and sketchy as fuck

Jan 25, 2004 ElSpanko

he was just sayin, oh well, nice grind bro

Jan 28, 2004 Dan_H

think b pretty hard 2 transfer 2 chess slide.. cuz id just F*** my anckles up!... but yea that cud work the concreate drop bit gets higher the more left u are.. but the rail stays the same height.. nice rail

Jan 28, 2004 Dan_H


Jul 15, 2004 Fat_people_suck

y are u complimenting the rail u slid, cool guy

Jul 17, 2004 Fat_ass_cracker

YEAH this dude needs a BITCH slappin i agree fat people suck

Aug 10, 2004 Fat_people_suck

fat ass cracker is a very bazarr individual, i know, that asshole lives a block away from me

May 27, 2006 AnthoFlex

you are both the same person, so shut the fuck up....so stupid....one pretends to be the good guy, the other the bad guy....on every fuking pic theres gotta be fatpeoplesuck and fatasscracker playing that goodguy, badguy thing....thank god they arent on Solidgrind anymore cause i'd go fuking crazy on them

Apr 19, 2007 Tasslehoff


Sep 12, 2007 RamenRadio

Nice black scabs