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Stuart Pickston hitting a Cheese Grater on the School Gym Rail
Stuart Pickston hitting a Cheese Grater on the School Gym Rail

Photographer: Ciaran Wickham
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Jun 19, 2007 cherryman696966

sick dude

Jun 20, 2007 Slidey

haha there's Damian just casually chattin on the fone with my old Scabs on. Good times... =]

Jun 22, 2007 Kile

what private school do you attend ?

Jun 23, 2007 Slidey

Private school? I attend a regular Catholic School =/

Jun 24, 2007 Kile

ugh yeh no shit shirlock i went to one for 10 years think id know a Catholic school is called a private school whats it called ?

Jun 24, 2007 AnthoFlex

It doesnt really matter Kyle, its in the UK

Jun 24, 2007 Megashadow77

Nice Grind.

Jun 24, 2007 Kile

yes it does i seriously didnt think there were colored people in the UK

Jun 24, 2007 AnthoFlex

oh shit, that sounded mad racist, haha

Jun 24, 2007 Kile

how is it racist lol ?

Jun 24, 2007 AnthoFlex

i seriously didnt think there were colored people in the UK

Then again, thats more stereotyping on what you've seen....not really racism, ma bad

Jun 24, 2007 Kile

oh its all good renny not a problem

Jun 24, 2007 Slidey

umm Kile, Catholic schools are mainstream in the UK, just wanted to clear that up.

I had no clue that Catholic schools were private in the UK =S

Anyways, the school is called "Cardinal Wiseman"

Jun 24, 2007 Slidey

*Private in the US is what i meant 2 say

Jun 25, 2007 Louis

"i seriously didnt think there were colored people in the UK"
Hahaha. you should come over here and say that to the 4.5million people over here who are from ethnic minorities.

Jun 26, 2007 sam

Damian? Does he have a friend named Leito? XD

Jun 26, 2007 Locke

I just know you Brits've got some really cool accents. xP

Nice CG btw.

Jun 27, 2007 Kile

i go to the UK all the time my da's friend lives there but thts sick catholic schools are the best cardinal wiseman thats a sick name yo

Jun 27, 2007 Kile

yeh in the US we call Catholic Schools Private because they do not accept offers or donations by the state they run it by themselves


S'up Stu Haven't talked to you in while, sick grind. - Andy...


Kile, Damian would probably kick your ass if he heard that.
He is strong, like 8 pack strong

Jul 26, 2007 LVsoaper12

lol,8pack strong

Jul 26, 2007 Megashadow77


8 Pack strong......lol.

Jul 26, 2007 Slidey

Nah, Damian's a cool guy, he doesn't really get annoyed about stuff like that lol

Feb 2, 2010 sylonbroadsides


Feb 3, 2010 Brad

it looks like theres something in the window with red eyes is staring at them.

Feb 3, 2010 sylonbroadsides

lmao legit! even demons love soap shoes!!!!!!

Feb 3, 2010 Brad

haha for real.

Feb 3, 2010 sylonbroadsides

soap shoes of the damned i don't know lol

Feb 3, 2010 Brad

lmao. but coming back to the pic, chaoses are damn sexy.