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Alex busting a powerslide.
Alex busting a powerslide.

Photographer: Robert
Shoes: Ordnance
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Oct 28, 2007 Megashadow77

the background makes the picture cool, but the grind makes it awesome.

Oct 28, 2007 SapAuthor

Dude a lto of these ppl have the same hair style as you do, Renny. A lot of them look similar. lol. I'm like "is that renny? *reads pic description* nope :- /

Oct 28, 2007 Altman

Yeah, they wear glasses like Renny does too. XD That's some funny coincidence right there.

Oct 28, 2007 AnthoFlex

A dead give-away though would be those Ordnance. I dont wear ordnance

Oct 28, 2007 Altman

I've said it once and I'll say it again, them Ords'll rape ya.

Oct 30, 2007 matrix8967

yeah, i got my hair cut and dyed since then...and it's about to be cut and dyed again...this pic was taken in like...feb.


there's a shop of it i did...

I have another shop i'll upload tonight when i get home.

Oct 30, 2007 matrix8967

also, my left hand always does that when i grind...

Oct 30, 2007 matrix8967


that's my other shop of this one. it's not really a "shop" just a comic rotoscope

Jan 4, 2008 iwantsoapshoes

Holy shit that looks so "anime"

Jan 22, 2008 Spano565

For some reason i think alex sorta looks like Johhny Depp and im not kidding anyone see what im seein.Nice grind tho

Feb 14, 2008 SilverSpurs

Waoh, this guy looks cool! :D

Feb 14, 2008 SilverSpurs

And actually, yeah I can sorta see it too Spano

Feb 17, 2008 matrix8967

heh, thanks guys.

Feb 17, 2008 Spano565

Wait techniclly since your back foot isn't lock in wouldn't it be a fastslide then idk

Feb 18, 2008 SpiderSoaper

are those UHFs in the back?

Mar 6, 2008 matrix8967

good eye spider. those are actually my Maxwell's. because i had marching band next after that class i think, and i didn't like walking on the field and cleaning wet grass off of my plates.

it sucks when i forget i'm wearing my maxwells and try to soap @_@

Mar 6, 2008 Page645

i remember one time i forgot i took my bbks out of my ords and tried to soap without them and a did a faceplant and actually bit a chunk out of my backyard XD

Mar 10, 2008 matrix8967

clearly a bad idea. but then again, so is forgetting your maxwells are in @_@