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AnthoFlex hitting a Mizuo outside of Radio  City Music Hall
AnthoFlex hitting a Mizuo outside of Radio City Music Hall

Photographer: Victor Sierra
Shoes: Broadside
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Apr 30, 2008 AnthoFlex

Wow, when did this go up?


By the way, that ledge is awesome. Its a ledge that you grind like a rail

Apr 30, 2008 SpiderSoaper

i was there one night, wouldve been cool if u were there too Antho, i have a mario shirt too that's blue, it Reads "Down since '85"

Apr 30, 2008 Spano565

Hey i have the same Mario shirt it's in my closet right now, wow.Sweet grind man.I've been there before also, a couple of nights ago.

Apr 30, 2008 Spano565


May 1, 2008 AnthoFlex

im wearing those stupid pants right now. those things kept on stopping my grind because the bottom was so long, eventually the bottoms ripped a little, then i tore off the entire bottom, then i was able to stick the grind

May 1, 2008 JeiHeirumaru

Hey,I've been over there before!

May 2, 2008 wyattpeterson

illll !!!!

May 2, 2008 Franticfred

i want those shoes.....

May 3, 2008 wyattpeterson

everyone does man

May 3, 2008 rhinoskater30

I walked past there when I went to NYC a while ago. I'm gonna go this summer but I don't know if I'll bring my Soaps or not. I probably will...
Nice grind/t-shirt

May 4, 2008 anaholaboys

i want those shoesssss :000

May 4, 2008 AnthoFlex

im going to send a letter to all the admins to stop posting up my pictures if people are only gonna comment the shoes and not the grind

May 4, 2008 anaholaboys

crap forgot about the grind
nice one :0

May 15, 2008 MiTcH1337

Nice grind. And thats a beautiful ledge!

May 16, 2008 Kingyo

Retro Mario Shirt for the win! Nice ledge and grind! Man it looks like fun!

May 16, 2008 AnthoFlex

Thanx dude. It really was fun. I plan to go back there soon

May 21, 2008 matrix8967


this pic is really awesome. that ledge looks amazing.

but not only that, Renny's pulling off some major style. at least it looks that way to me.

serious props.

May 21, 2008 AnthoFlex

I dunno about "major" style. I like the trick, i just wish i could help the face pulling and hand clenching problem i have. Its been getting better, but this was the first time i ever was using my broadsides on a ledge like that

May 21, 2008 kunasaki

hey antho just a ? sssoapshop thier just that inexpensive right thier not just one shoe right?

May 21, 2008 MiTcH1337

Lmao.. they come with 2 shoes.

May 21, 2008 AnthoFlex

what the hell...

why would we only sell one shoe at a time dude?

May 21, 2008 AnthoFlex

Oh wait, i think he meant do we sell only one kind of shoe.

Yea they do, just the express

May 21, 2008 kunasaki

ya thanks antho thats what i meant (sorry about the mis) i saw the schorcher boradsides deal so anyways looking forward to my expresses i rodered 1 day shiping, cant w8

May 21, 2008 kunasaki

hey antho I just ordered my Express's from SSsoap is there anyway they can ship them before this weekend though my B-day is Sat and i was supposed to meet up with some friends to go soaping

May 22, 2008 AnthoFlex

my bad dude, i dont deal with sales

May 22, 2008 kunasaki

who does? maybe i can talk to him.

Sep 3, 2008 scuzzydontask

Aww...i wish i lived in NYC. There r so many great ledges and stuff there.

Dec 9, 2008 spamincan


Dec 9, 2008 AnthoFlex

Like i fucked ur mom right? ; )

Dec 18, 2008 Altman

No lik ur spelling. I raped it hard in the ass.

Nov 26, 2009 soapy1


Mar 30, 2010 Brad

That ledge looks sweeet

Jun 9, 2013 zelda