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just m doing some tricks
just m doing some tricks

Photographer: ryan
Shoes: Scab
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Apr 4, 2015 Waffle

Sick! sexy scabs.

Apr 5, 2015 aname

Nice! Are those the original uhf plates?

Apr 5, 2015 grug250

Yeah they are bro they were my first pair if soaps navy scabs

Apr 5, 2015 broox

navy scabs were also my first pair of soaps! over 15 years ago!

Apr 5, 2015 grug250

Haha no way thats awesome :)

Apr 5, 2015 grug250

Haha thats dope dude scabs are one of my favorite pairs I do love the goa chernobyls tho

Apr 5, 2015 Waffle

Dude those are sick! Love ur scabs Derek.

Apr 6, 2015 LIGERZERO7

nice :)

Apr 7, 2015 grug250

never thought i would make it on here to be honest

Apr 7, 2015 gongon1037

You look like a pro in this pic. I think I'll start posting more photos here also.

Apr 8, 2015 alexei

Scabs! Those were the shit!

Apr 8, 2015 grug250

that was my first pair and they were 2 sizes to big lol but i made do with what i had

Apr 8, 2015 aname

Yeah the navy scabs are awesome. I know what you mean, I'm wearing soaps a size small now little cramped but it's better than nothing.

Apr 8, 2015 grug250

that is true im just glad i have some in my size now

Apr 10, 2015 aname

Yeah for sure.

Apr 14, 2015 Sambonie1

What trick is that.

Apr 15, 2015 grug250

back slide bro

Apr 17, 2015 Sambonie1