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Theo of Athens hittin a Frontside
Theo of Athens hittin a Frontside

Photographer: unknown
Shoes: Squeaky Clean
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Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

Funny... I haven't seen this picture before. Where is this?

Jun 17, 2006 AnthoFlex

looks like in front of a castle lol

Jun 17, 2006 Mart

It's in Athens, Greece. This picture's about four years old

Oct 29, 2006 AnthoFlex

Hmmm....judging form this i'll have to say that the kids from AthensFSW arent so bad

Oct 30, 2006 SonicSoaper

A little blurry but good none-the-less.

Jun 11, 2007 josue

nice grind

Jun 12, 2007 Megashadow77

it seems like he's either falling, or going into a Royale.

Jun 20, 2007 RamenRadio

My guess would be going into a royale

Jul 19, 2007 RamenRadio

But you never know with Athens XD XD XD

Feb 8, 2008 Revengasaur

The white thing above his head looks like a giant stick of evil butter, about to fall and crush him and his Adidas track pants.

Feb 9, 2008 Revengasaur


Feb 15, 2008 RamenRadio


that's one way to get hurt huh soapdreamer?

Feb 15, 2008 Page645


Feb 15, 2008 RamenRadio

Looks like a car about to kill the guy

Feb 15, 2008 Page645


Feb 15, 2008 RamenRadio

Ah well, AJ thinks that athens sucked anyway

Feb 15, 2008 RamenRadio

Seriously, wtf is that above his head in the original pic?

Feb 15, 2008 Page645

prob a light maybe? but hey remember idk nothing

Feb 15, 2008 RamenRadio

Yeah, because you don't live in Greece :P

Feb 28, 2008 Revengasaur

Lulz. Flat butter is flaaaaaaaaat.

Mar 2, 2008 Soapdreamer

Just to clairify that second image was
Dio Brando going Za Warudo with a steamroller and the weird white stick of butter.

Mar 3, 2008 Page645

if that block thing as a little greener i would say it looks like ledge butta about to fall on him XD

Mar 3, 2008 Page645

was a little*

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Apr 30, 2013 zelda