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Zach Larson hittin a Hittin a true unity.
Zach Larson hittin a Hittin a true unity.

Photographer: Derek Brooks
Shoes: Groove
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Jul 16, 2003 broox

that isn't a street curb if that's what you all are thinking... but it's not insanely tall either, it's about 1.5 - 2 feet tall.

Jul 16, 2003 fordy

looking a little green are we greg?

Jul 16, 2003 Mart

What the fuck is up with his lead foot? My lead foot does something like that when I farf... bizarro

Jul 16, 2003 rscvideos


Jul 16, 2003 Greg

..yet AGAIN fordy, you stir up some crap when i didnt do nor say anything to you or about you. honestly, what's your deal? im still going to go with my original theory that youre in love with me. and, for the record, i can unties perfectly fine. and anyone who knows what they're talking about will be able to tell, knees up his style is really fugly.

Jul 16, 2003 aaron

im gonna stop complaining, cause if i say 'tech' they take that to mean 'a poorly done example of the most technical trick of the 5 basic tricks...' PS. Using the term 'true' is crossing the line... his front foot is crooked, his backfoot is off the plate, his ankles are jello, but the style points of a unity come from bent knee with sturdy ankles rather than vice versa (try it out, just stand in a sturdy ankle position with the only bend coming from your knees, forcing your ankles onto the outside edges and watch out for the extreme style you'll posess)

Jul 16, 2003 GreenBeret

cool picture...just what the hell is a true unity?

Jul 16, 2003 mike

Alrighty, I think its a cool pic, so its not like the best goddamned unity ever, and its a ledge, I personally dont give a fuck. Whatever happened to the notion that soaping was fun, not about owning everyone else?

Jul 16, 2003 broox

oh no, mike... soaping is about being insanely critical and basically criticizing EVERYONE's grind... there is no way in hell that anyone on this site would ever acknowledge that zach is just out there having a good time and hitting a really nice grind. see, we don't look at these pictures because we have a common love for the same stuff... we look at them to degrade people, make ourselves look better, and get into arguments (on the damn internet) because we are really, really dope guys who have lives. and now i'm goign to go out and skate rather than sit at home looking out for someone on the internet (who lives hundreds of miles away) to flame... because i am a true dork and poser.

Jul 16, 2003 Smokey

well said, derek...

Jul 16, 2003 broox

Zach's ankles are like jello.

Jul 16, 2003 alexei

reminds me of Fillo's ankles

Jul 16, 2003 mike

Amen derek, right the fuck on

Jul 16, 2003 Greg

...wow, another curb picture, badass

Jul 16, 2003 broox

aaron had said something about how the technical stuff is hard and how anyone can jump onto a handrail. so i decided to throw a technical pic of zach up to attempt to satisfy aaron... although i don't believe that's possible unless it's a picture that he submits.

Jul 16, 2003 AleX

who cares if its on a curb? thats a sweet grind, it looks like he dislocated his ankles or somethin... crazy

Jul 16, 2003 peach

or he has loose shoes sp he can twist them round inside lol... its a sweet grind nice and technical.. only thing is that could maybe found something bigger to do it on.. maybe not a handrail but something liek a ledge

Jul 16, 2003 Smokey

Is it me or does that curb look really tall?

Jul 16, 2003 Greg

i wouldnt have a problem with the trick, or the way its done, or the fact that its on a goddamn curb, IF he werent on the soap team. parhaps ive set the bar to high form pros of differents sports and companies, but i honestly think that the team is, for the most part, and disgusting disgrace of mediocre soapers. if somthing like this, or dario's madness curb fastslide get used in an ad, im shooting myself in the face, and i know im not alone,wether people choose to show their dismay or not.

Jul 16, 2003 zeek309

actually that curb is pretty high on the side that you cant see.

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

its all good that people want to have fun with soaping, in fact thats what i usually preach on the forums, that "soaping is something you do while you're out, nothing something you go out to do", mainly because most of the people here take soaping way too seriously. Also, I can't expect superstar talent and media from everyone right. After all I'm sure we've all heard the saying "no matter how good you are at something there will always be someone better." The point that me and greg are trying to get across is not that Zach sucks, or that its bad that he's just out having fun, and all that, but for someone ON the actual SOAP team, then maybe it should be slightly less serious, and take a little bit more talent. Once you get that spot on the soap team you're not just another soaper anymore, now you have to be able to set a bar, and make sure you have media which inspires people (didn't everyone find the Relate videos inspiring and want to go soaping afterwards?). This picture, while it may have been fun to shoot, and a good picture for the average soaper, IS NOT the kind of media you'd expect from someone on the SOAP team. It's a sketchy unity on a ledge lacking anything special. This is hardly stoking at all. I think that once you're on a team designed for marketing and making soap shoes look good you shouldn't be here showcasing a picture featuring a grind that the average person should be able to replicate in about 3 months, and the average rollerblader could replicate this trick (maybe even style it a little better with bent knees, locked ankles) in about their first 10-15 minutes of soap shoes. Moral of the story, nothing wrong with the picture as a whole, but not very good from a marketing standpoint (which Team SOAP is all about).

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

PS: Golden rules with fisheyes: Get close (you did), Get low (you did, but it'd be better from a lower point in a different angle), And make sure you see the person's entire body and as much of the object being grinded as possible (hence the advantages of using a fisheye over a regular lens). Also remember to find creative angles, they work out well with fisheyes.

Jul 17, 2003 fordy

*snip* Deleated it all....you're just not worth the bother greg. Well said Derek

Apr 30, 2006 AnthoFlex

I kno its kinda late to say this but i agree with mike....although there are some points where we can talk shit about SOaping, whatever happened to getting MAD good by practicing and giving each other props? Thats the way i would like to grind...that is, of course if i had anyone to Soap with but oh well.

Apr 30, 2006 AnthoFlex

p.s....fellow Express wearer! YAY!

Apr 30, 2006 Surfaced

Who's got Expresses? I know Ryan in the next picture does, but Zach has Grooves on.

Apr 30, 2006 Surfaced

Oh. Fuck. Ryan has Grooves on too. I could swear that on his poster it says Express.

Apr 30, 2006 AnthoFlex

HOLY SHIT....they ARE grooves....oh man...i thought i finally found a fellow express wearer...fuck

May 21, 2006 onthegrindduude

Most people dont like me now that i addmitted i didnt have soaps and that i actually have heelys torch with grind pl8s hoo here hates heelys with pl8s??

May 23, 2006 meisbored

theyre better than heelys with wheels and no plates at all, but soaps still destroy heelys

Jan 16, 2007 AnthoFlex

Yes.....yes they do

Jul 7, 2007 Kile

Um this pick is posed deffinatly take it OFF THE SITE

Jul 7, 2007 Altman

That's a video still. It can't be posed.

Jul 7, 2007 AnthoFlex

i highly doubt this was posed considering Unities were like Zach's favortie trick

Jul 7, 2007 Kile

oh i take that back im sorry my fault please forgive me sir

Jul 7, 2007 Megashadow77

You're weird.

Jul 7, 2007 Page645

dur you thimk megashadow *sigh8 i want the old kile back

Jul 7, 2007 Page645


Jul 7, 2007 Kile

this is the old kile i was just jokin around geez its still me the soap lovin fanatic

Jul 7, 2007 Page645

y did you do all this shit then dude just for a joke because nobody here thought it was a joke

Jul 7, 2007 Page645

or was laughing

Jul 7, 2007 Megashadow77

You spell to good to be Kile.

Jul 7, 2007 Megashadow77


Jul 7, 2007 Kile

um i dont thnik so megashadow it is me though the real kile so stop complaining

Jul 7, 2007 Megashadow77

Never complained, lol.

Jul 7, 2007 Kile

oh damn my mistake sorry my fault dude i take that back it was page

Jul 7, 2007 Page645

i wasnt complaining i just wanted an answer

Jul 10, 2007 AnthoFlex

In response to Altman:

You can still pose a video still. Record someone just standing there, and if you screenshot it while uploading it to your computer, TADA, you've got a posed video-still

Jul 10, 2007 broox

yes, it's a video still.

he for real slid this. it is not posed. zach rules at unities.

Nov 24, 2009 jackswhack


Sep 23, 2011 RamenRadio

man I miss Zach

Oct 5, 2011 Brad

i miss soapers in general

Oct 5, 2011 RamenRadio

haha too true, I wish relate would return already.

Feb 20, 2012 RamenRadio

Sick shit!

Dec 21, 2012 Relate2Videos

Zach always did some sick unities