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Aaron MacDonald hittin a (freestyle) backslide torque slide on a ledge
Aaron MacDonald hittin a (freestyle) backslide torque slide on a ledge

Photographer: Mike White
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Jul 17, 2003 alexei

A picture is worth a thousand words. But do notice this one is missing "630" "high steep handrails" and "why rollerblading is better"

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

also notice that i'm aware of the crappiness of the pic, hence why i didn't submit it to be a FEATURE picture... if i thought this picture was cool and submitted as a feature pic than you could flame away

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

and by the way, i can't 630... that was greg, i can 450, get your stories straight homefry

Jul 17, 2003 broox

aaron, you submitted this to be a feature pic on June 1, along with all the inline pics of brodye and paul. you don't think that i log this stuff?

Jul 17, 2003 Greg

the only time i can do 630 roayles was on my 1' high practice rail last winter. i havent tried to do them recently, so i dont know, and when i could do them they where rather ugly.

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

my bad, i did submit it.. haha, whoopsie doodle a mistake on my part, oh well, flame away boys

Jul 17, 2003 GreenBeret

even tho freestyle grinds are easier i think they look better. unless u got good style which i dont grabbing doesnt look great.

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

agreed, grabbed torques and backslides look nice (*see: morales, frankie)

Jul 17, 2003 broox

this is obviously captured from a video clip. do you have the clip? i'd like to see it in action.

Jul 17, 2003 zeek309

WOW cool ledge...i also like that you arent grabbing your foot either. (poor excuse to call it freestyle...i think from now on im going to call my shitty unitys freestyle unitys just so they will still be considered good) im trading my spot on the soap team to you just because of this picture.

Jul 17, 2003 aaron


Jul 17, 2003 Tanner

Oh ho!

Jul 17, 2003 broox

well, since aaron is going to get all technical, i'll just say it for him... since he's doing a variation on the grind (by not grabbing his foot) it is considered freestyle. but, in my opinion, a freestyle grind usually means lack of good balance. and zach, correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the ledge you were grinding is actually taller than this beast of a ledge. eh, whatever. i still like the picture aaron. it's creative, and the shot is nice, however i also think that you deserve what you will probably get in the comments.

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

what crappy style, and he doesnt look to be in control... this kid doesnt deserve to be on the soap team, which he isnt. i especially love the freshness of old pictures that have already been the feature pic before as well as been shown on forums more than once, that makes them "tight" and "true" and "thuggin" and "hella cool".

Jul 17, 2003 aaron

oddly enough, i find freestyle balance easier... but usually i do think grabs look better, except on fastslides

Jul 17, 2003 Greg

seeing as how myself, as well as dunk, and anyone else you all seem to love so much do single foot grinds freestyle, i would stop right there. Its 'the thing' to do now anyway, so everyone hop on the cool trick club. but yes this picture sucks and it looks like i am the single greatest human being on this planet

Jul 17, 2003 broox

aaron, i agree that freestyle tricks are easier to balance... that was my point. grabbing your foot is harder, and therefore cooler.

Jul 17, 2003 pushead

it kinda looks like he is just jumping on the ledge then jumping off. Except with his foot tweeked so it looks like he's doin' a freestyle whatever

Jul 17, 2003 Smokey

I can't imagine him sliding very far because of the way his upper body is turned... o well.

Jul 17, 2003 dunk

Greg said it... freestyle is the thing to be doing right now. Mart flames me every time I grab my foot 'cos he rekons freestyle looks cooler, and no arguments, it IS easier, but then it's not all about difficulty.

Jul 18, 2003 alexei


Jul 18, 2003 GreenBeret

i think robert guerrero or however its spelt has nice torques.

Jan 16, 2007 AnthoFlex

If he stuck that BS Torque for that whole ledge, i give him props

Nothing better than a sweet Torque

Apr 23, 2007 RamenRadio

Not bad :D

Sep 9, 2007 RamenRadio

Those shoes look like Mr. Wilsons lol

Sep 9, 2007 Page645

how the hell can u tell all i see are puke green and brown pixels piled into a mash shaped like a shoe XD

Sep 9, 2007 iwantsoapshoes

ya know, i think he's right.

Sep 9, 2007 Page645

who trav? HOW THE FUCK DO U GUYS SEE THAT!?!!?!?!

Sep 9, 2007 iwantsoapshoes

because im looking at the mr.wilsons, then looking at this and thinking"yep, its a match".

Sep 9, 2007 RamenRadio

I've seen a thousand pictures of Mr. Wilsons, and I'm getting a pair lol. I see the design there too lol

Dec 6, 2007 AnthoFlex

Grabs do look a lot cooler. My freestyle makios feel like im not doing anything. I would need another person's opinion

I think its because i have much better balance with my Makios then i do with other tricks.

Oddly enough, now that i think about it, Makios and Cheesegraters are my best balanced tricks. Thats wierd...

Dec 7, 2007 RamenRadio

Cheesegraters more than makios for me. But I have to admit, I do enjoy sole tricks.

Sep 23, 2011 RamenRadio

torque's are soooo sick

Mar 12, 2012 zelda