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Jason Fillo of DEOS hittin a Unity in Newark, Delaware
Jason Fillo of DEOS hittin a Unity in Newark, Delaware

Photographer: Phil Mix
Shoes: Clean
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Aug 3, 2003 ElSpanko

solid, ok now you may bash on the unity greg cause we know ur gonna

Aug 3, 2003 ElSpanko

i thought newark was in new jersey?�?

Aug 4, 2003 dunk

DEOS fo' life.

Aug 4, 2003 Smokey

Even though this is old, it's still an awesome grind.

Aug 4, 2003 AleX

thats some crazy stuff man - nice grind

Aug 4, 2003 Greg

alright asshole, im fucking sick of you. i havent seen ANY media from you, so i doubt youre in any position to be talking yourself up like you have been. And why would you bother to write a stupid ass comment like that. For everyone's information, it was me who made this the feature picture. but ofcourse, it was just so i could make fun of it. honestly, put up or shut up for godsakes you dumbshit.

Aug 4, 2003 pushead

nice grind and a cool rail.I bet he is falling foward.

Aug 4, 2003 alexei

Newark Delaware is where the Univ of Delaware is located. It's basically a college town that won't exist if it wasn't for the university. If you want to see this grind in action, it's the last grind in DEOS5, and fillo comes off the same side of the rail... I actually didn't expect this to get posted, but I liked how the rail looked wavy and almost transulucent!

Aug 4, 2003 jomomma193

That's nice, sweet rail too. Theres 3 Newarks I know of in the US.. Newark, CA (used to live there), Newark NJ and Newark DE. Also, thats a vid cap from DEOS 5. (Go captain obvious)

Aug 4, 2003 Mart

It's blurry because it's a video still. And I doubt either Greg or Aaron will hate on this since there's style in this pic. Go Fillo

Aug 4, 2003 FritoBandito

there's a Newark in Ohio, too.

Aug 4, 2003 Tanner

Fillo! Nice!

Aug 4, 2003 aaron

mart is correct, i lack hate here.. he's got some good knee bend going on instead of the oh-too-common-and-shitty-looking method of getting into unity position by ankle bending only

Aug 4, 2003 irollerblade123

its an ok grind. sorta blurry. that rail looks fun and im bored

Aug 4, 2003 bike4life

Ya nice pictures. It looks like the guys hugging a invisable pole or playing some weird hand game.

Aug 5, 2003 ElSpanko

eh hum, somebody is overeacting here, but i'm not gonna go into that, i don't wanna waste my post, once again nice grind bro

Aug 5, 2003 ElSpanko

thanx dudethatscrazy, lets all bash on spanky ova here cause its not like greg ever bashed on n e one

Jan 26, 2004 soapface

DUDE!!!!!!!!thats sweet

Jul 17, 2004 Fat_ass_cracker

my first thought was that he looks like he is praying that he hopes to god he doesnt get hit by some hot chick in a ferrari doing a 180.. he will be toast. ching chong cheech and chong

Jul 17, 2004 Fat_people_suck

that is nothing but pure talent, u got balls and talent

Mar 18, 2006 Louis

AHhhh the god ol days of DEOS, i used to love those videos (still do!) Just makes me wanna get on my shoes and soap again!!!

oh, btw, is that post above this the only ever comment from FPS that was actually praising and not slagging off?!?!

Jun 28, 2007 AnthoFlex

The video of this unity was so sick.

He ran, jumped and landed on the rail CLEAN. He slid the whole thing and landed out perfectly. You could then hear Phil say: "Nooo fuckin wayy"

Feb 16, 2008 snikas

my friend you got balls how fast were you goin?

Feb 19, 2008 Spano565


Feb 19, 2008 RamenRadio

Yeah, DEOS was a great team, jackass :D

Nov 10, 2012 babyblue

sick unity

Apr 25, 2013 tenk

Fillo DEOS baby. One of the best grinds any of us every pulled off

Apr 25, 2013 zelda


Apr 25, 2013 alexei

Fillo owned that shit!

Apr 25, 2013 Relate2Videos

haha yeah definitely one of the best unities