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Release: Unknown

Grindplate: UHF Original

The Soap Clean was Soap's very first line, the Black Cleans were the first Soaps to be put on the market, leading the way for a new industry. Soap Cleans feature a nice system for letting air to your feet. Overall, the Cleans are a basic grind shoe. The Cleans come stock with replacable Original grind plates.

-Baby Blue
-Black (black)
-Faded Blue (blue / white)
-Graphite (charcoal / grey)

Sizes: 5-13 (black came in 14)

Louis Selby styling out a tweaked UFO for the cameras during the UKFSW Ipswich trip. Sam hittin a royale Louis Selby busting a frontside 'nugen during the recent UKFSW trip to Ipswich. Sam hittin a royale Ryan Armstrong doing a backside royale after being out of the soap scene for 2 years.

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Apr 7, 2006 pballer917

how much do they cost

Apr 7, 2006 Surfaced

About $90 USD. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Apr 25, 2006 javier

were can i buy them..... how much do they cost??!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

Apr 25, 2006 Surfaced

They are everywhere, Buddy. Check the forum.

Sep 3, 2006 ripreppin

My white cleans still aint come yet!!!!

Sep 3, 2006 AnthoFlex

Give em time dude, read a book or sumthing and just CHILL

Sep 14, 2006 SapAuthor

are the cleans comfy?

Sep 15, 2006 Go2Crew

They wre made on the same Last (foot-form) as the Scabs.

Nov 2, 2006 Rictor

just bought a pair of black cleans today, any tips or info on them while I wait for them to come, update grind plate ASAP maybe?

Nov 2, 2006 matrix8967

I want some black or white ones...


Nov 2, 2006 Rictor

I bought my 13 Blacks yesturday, and I saw some white ones size 13 Buy it Now for like $60, but now they're gone.

Nov 15, 2006 qnzwarrior

i think these are the best i own a pair but i like them so just im tring to get more but i want different plates on them like bbk, slo bro, octane and maybe the Curb Buster but so far i only tried them with the bbk and slo bro

Nov 23, 2006 LovesMusic

i like matrix8967...

Nov 23, 2006 SonicSoaper

And that has anything to do with the Cleans how?

Nov 23, 2006 Slidey

lol, well buy soaps and he'll like u too, It's like a perfect dream if a girl buys soaps and joins ur team. (ugh, still workin on that lol)

Nov 23, 2006 SonicSoaper

My girl friend wants Soaps and I'm willing to teach her how but her parents are overly protective so it's a no go.

Nov 24, 2006 matrix8967

yeah, I told her to pick some out she likes...apparently I'm gonna be buying her some cleans :) nothing would be better than having her on my team :)


Dec 12, 2006 rkrdw93

I just got a pair, and thay're REALLLYY comfortable...

Dec 18, 2006 onthegrindduude

2 days left of bidding

Jan 4, 2007 debostevo


Jan 4, 2007 SonicSoaper

WOAH! Chillax there buddy boy. Check eBay.

Jan 20, 2007 MrWaterBuffalo

these look like there hard to grind things on, it doesn't look like the plates can grab onto things. But hey, thats just my opinion. Good lookin' shoe though.

Jan 20, 2007 AnthoFlex

I think what you are looking at is the UHF original plates. They aren't really that great. Thats why u can just swap them with other plates

Jan 21, 2007 Slidey

I'm thinking if I buy some black cleans and use a (washable) black felt tip on the white bits, I could maybe pass them as school shoes...
If they don't they're kick ass anyway and it's always good to own the first of the first of my fav shoes

Jan 21, 2007 AnthoFlex

In my opinion, the Black cleans, and the Viva LVs are the most casual looking Soaps u can have

Jan 21, 2007 AnthoFlex

and the Fader.....wow, how did i forget that?

Jan 21, 2007 Slidey

Yeah, but Faders are hard to find, and Viva LVs aren't realeased lol. and my school is REALLY tight on school shoes. They need to be the most basic soaps I can get to pass for school shoes

Feb 8, 2007 branden

how do i some black/clean shoes in size 10 and what plates shoud i get becouse they said they needed updated how hard is it to ride a hand rail does it take time to lern

Feb 8, 2007 cherryman696966

look on ebay or ask steve if he has some, idk if he does. and the plates need to be updated cause original plates suck. and idk if its hard to do a hand rail, i can't do it yet. i would imagine so, you have to be able to jump it get your foot on and keep the balance.

Feb 9, 2007 branden

who is steve

Feb 9, 2007 branden

is there any extream walkers in springfield IL?

Feb 9, 2007 branden

what whould be a good kind of plates for these shoes can enaybody tell me some kind of plates good for grind rails and curvs?

Feb 9, 2007 matrix8967

get slo-bros or BBKs


Feb 10, 2007 mgm

Soap should have just stuck to a simple design like this. Some of their later models look like crap. These shoes look like a pair of Vans. I like these because they look like actual shoes.

Feb 10, 2007 RamenRadio

I don't quite agree with what you say, but yeah, this is a nice simple design, and are a good beginner soaps according to AJ.

Feb 18, 2007 AnthoFlex

If im not mistaken....the old Black cleans used to come with the oNe video suntimes if you were lucky

Feb 18, 2007 RamenRadio

Damn, I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't get a pair of these off of ebay. They were only one size above me. Stupid money, you screw me over once again!

Feb 18, 2007 SonicSoaper

It's true, the Cleans are sick begginer shoes, but you'll need to put a better plate on them.

Feb 18, 2007 RamenRadio

I'm still not so sure, what's so bad about UHF plates?

Feb 18, 2007 matrix8967

they're just not good...i think they're OK, but they are the worst plates they make, no lock, paper thin. more flat than the other plates...no tweak...but it was thier FIRST plate...so of course they're gonna be mess ups. I think the other plates make up for it.


Feb 18, 2007 matrix8967

and I also want some of these in black AND white...


Feb 18, 2007 RamenRadio

No lock? Wow, that can't be very good. I never knew that, but the shoes themselves look pretty damn nice. I still wish I could have had a pair of these.

Feb 27, 2007 kobansora

I'ma order these next month hopefully.


Feb 28, 2007 cocksuck

where can i buy a pair of clean black soaps in size 13

Feb 28, 2007 SonicSoaper


Mar 9, 2007 matrix8967

I just bought some of these. size 10. my dream has come true. I'm so pumped. I also got a Vintage soap shirt. the real deal.


Mar 9, 2007 sam

Fuck! You outbid me!

Mar 9, 2007 sam

Eh they looked shitty anyways.

Mar 9, 2007 RamenRadio

lol Sorry sam, that sucks

Mar 9, 2007 matrix8967

heh, you out bid me, then I out bid you. sorry man. go for those size 9s. I atleast didn't sniper these in the last few minutes. that would have been just cold.


Mar 9, 2007 SonicSoaper

At least you two are even.

Mar 10, 2007 sam

Dont worry, im just gonna go for the size 9's

Mar 11, 2007 matrix8967

awesome. I'd have a guilt trip everytime I put them on if I where like "i just ripped these from someone on solidgrind..." Go for the 9's I went for those first and I was outbid then I went for the 10s...10 is my real size in soaps (I'm a 9.5) and it came with a key and i was like "it's a god send, If i don't get these, i give up on life.

Also, there are size 13's on ebay right now.


Mar 11, 2007 sam

Yeah, I am just glad a solidgrind member got them, where I know theyll use them, instead of someone whos never even gonnna where them.

Mar 11, 2007 matrix8967

yeah. I wouldn't mind losing them to you. I had to borrow money to get them because I bought that shirt it ran me over like 15 dollars. @_@

Mar 11, 2007 sam

YAY I am about to win a pair in about 5minutes!

Mar 12, 2007 SonicSoaper

OMG fo' rizzle!?

Mar 12, 2007 sam

Hell yeah! I cant wait untill they come.

Mar 12, 2007 SonicSoaper


Mar 17, 2007 matrix8967

got my size 10's today...AMAZING shoes. they're almost just like scabs, except the heel cup has more padding, and these are all suede where as scabs are suede and leather. I never know how much the early shoes where alike. these shoes get A+ and the Alex seal of approval.


Mar 17, 2007 sam

These are so comfy! The UHF plates on these are way faster than my first pair of UHF's.

Apr 30, 2007 RamenRadio

I'd like to buy one of these, hopefully a pair will appear on ebay.

May 16, 2007 mets603412

travis u could've still won them you didn't have count on me to get them i thought you and renny were gonna try and win them wat happened.

May 16, 2007 RamenRadio

Holy shit, we can't just let it go? We have to absolutely keep talking about it? I got over it in like 10 minutes, but apparently, everyone wants too keep rubbing this shit in my face. Jesus christ, forget this... I'm out of here

May 16, 2007 SonicSoaper

...How about them Yankees?

May 17, 2007 mets603412

Yea how bout them Yankees they suck but how bout them mets o yea.

May 17, 2007 SonicSoaper

They suck too. baseball sucks in particular. It's like watching paint dry. How about them A-Sides, they should've been released.

May 17, 2007 mets603412

No doubt they should have came out the A-sides would have been awesome. You say that about baseball because you don't play and you never really got into it. I am a die hard baseball fan.

May 17, 2007 SonicSoaper

I never got into any sports because they're all the same repetative crap to me. Let's get back on Soap matters shall we?

May 18, 2007 rhinoskater30


May 18, 2007 Surfaced

Mets suck, Yankees suck, Knicks suck.

JK all. Just a little reference to Family Guy.

Now about these here Soap shoes...

May 18, 2007 RamenRadio

Well I'm at least glad we got off the cleans topic ¬_¬

Anyway, I think someone should get rid of these coments.

If a mod could get rid of a few of these, it would be appreciated :)

May 18, 2007 Louis

which ones would thoust have me delete?.....otherwise im just gonna go on a deletege rampage and remove anything and everything! MUahahahaha.....yeah...

May 18, 2007 Louis

By the way, cleans rock! The original soap shoes! MY first ever soaps were the tan cleans, and then my second were the graphite ones, I gotta go have a dig around and find them. If i can find em i'll stick on ebay for you guys, the sand ones were probably about a size UK 7 or 8, and the graphites maybe size UK10

May 18, 2007 RamenRadio

I'd love a pair of cleans, but I'm a size 12 :( But thanks anyway Louis :D

Just delete the comments starting from AJ's comment "How about them Yankees" just so we can keep things neat around here :)

May 18, 2007 RamenRadio

You could also delete mine and Kurts comment about the cleans on ebay. It's come and pass :)

Thanks Louis

May 18, 2007 mets603412

dude were already off of that it was nothng but damn i cant believe i couldnt get in tack with u to get those cleans im so annoyed >:0

May 18, 2007 RamenRadio

Seriously Kurt, let it go...

May 18, 2007 NYSoaper1763

I so glad i got these in size 13

May 19, 2007 mets603412

i will but yo guess wat i cant even go to the demo so it suck even more. I have too much other stuff to do.

Jun 2, 2007 Megashadow77

Is it possible to put BBk plates on UHF Shoes?

Jun 2, 2007 RamenRadio

Of course you just need the plates.

Jun 3, 2007 MusicSoaper

Megashadow, if they have the UHF plates, then that means that the plates are replaceable...at least that's what i believe and how that works i think...

Jun 24, 2007 Megashadow77

Some people say the cleans are too plain looking. Too ordinary. So, I made this.


Jun 24, 2007 AnthoFlex

I honestly can say that if that red flare and the O were gone, a Black clean like that (like a limited release one) would look pretty sick.

And for the record, i think that its awesome that the cleans look ordinary. Most people that ask me for Soaps ask me if there are anything else that they can buy that looks more "ordinary"

Jun 24, 2007 Megashadow77

....if you took that away, it would be a regular black clean.

Jun 24, 2007 AnthoFlex

the flare, not the flames. you used a red lens flare near the front of the shoe

Jun 24, 2007 Megashadow77


Jul 4, 2007 MusicSoaper

The Black Cleans are sick one way or another.

Jul 5, 2007 Page645

i like the fadded blue they look like my navy scabs

Jul 10, 2007 SapAuthor

They look nice, but the sole is rock solid, no shock absorption. If you get these, i would buy some foot liners with good cushion. High arch is there like all SOAPs, but the rubber is the hard type.

Jul 28, 2007 Page645

the light blue cleans look VERY manly

Aug 1, 2007 RamenRadio

Your scabs are more faded than that blue though Keith.

Aug 18, 2007 chickawaffls

where the hell do i @:?%ing buy them i dont want a ((dude there evrywhere)) plzz help

Aug 18, 2007 Page645

ur best bet is ebay

Aug 18, 2007 chickawaffls

would about plates and thank you!!!

Aug 18, 2007 Page645

ebay or steve deel

Aug 18, 2007 Page645

oh and no problem dude we are all here to help one another......and fight each other in some cases XD

Aug 18, 2007 chickawaffls

who is steve deel

Aug 18, 2007 Page645

u know about the sssopashop?

Aug 18, 2007 Page645


Aug 18, 2007 chickawaffls


Aug 18, 2007 chickawaffls


Aug 18, 2007 chickawaffls

sss shop yes

Aug 18, 2007 Page645

well his email is on there but the shop is down so it might be a while till u can get it unless someone who knows it by heart goes on and tells it to u. u can email him and ask if he has any replaceable plates in ur size left and IF he can reply back to you(which might take a while cuz he sooo damn busy)you might be able to get some plates if he has any left

Aug 19, 2007 greenfire8484

alright... sssoap only sells express... and the british and aussie sites that had been posted somewhere else have a great supply, but none in my size! Help!

Aug 25, 2007 greenfire8484

....still no help, huh? oh well i already ordered the express anyway

Aug 25, 2007 Page645

so thats not so bad the express is a good shoe

Sep 6, 2007 greenfire8484

where can i buy these, besides eBay?

Sep 13, 2007 itsbenlong

I have a size 11 Clean Graphite pair for sale. They are brand new in the box.


Oct 17, 2007 Megashadow77

The other day me and Travis (RamenRadio) were talking about What would happen if Nike owned soap.

Me, of course, being bored, and having photoshop open, threw together what I think would happen


Yeah, I always do my edits with the Black clean, cuz it's the easiest to edit *thumbs up*

Feb 14, 2008 Revengasaur

Oh beloved cleans... will you ever be mine?

Feb 14, 2008 Kain

*agrees with Revengasaur*

Feb 14, 2008 RamenRadio

I have a pair size 11 :p

Feb 14, 2008 Revengasaur

That's it... I'm pulling a heist on yer house.

Feb 14, 2008 Kain


I'm already buying soaps from Mega :P

Feb 14, 2008 Revengasaur

They'll catch me in Mexico with all these beat up old shoes, grinding on some boat dock with a margarita in my hand.

Feb 14, 2008 Kain


Feb 15, 2008 Page645


Apr 29, 2008 Spano565

Damn i got to get these some day, they look sick in black.

Apr 29, 2008 aughey456

i know thier so sick in black i rather have goas red black

Jun 17, 2008 JoeS

These shoes are amazing, i just got a black pair on ebay in perfect condition, they're comfy and pretty sexy too xD
I haven't grinded with them yet, but i've heard from friends that they are really good.

Jun 29, 2008 MusicSoaper

They are kinda heavy on
the feet, just to inform

Aug 15, 2008 hyphyboy

where can i get em???

Jun 27, 2009 firegrind

i have a pair of the dark blue ones and the tan ones. i always wanted the black ones though

Jul 7, 2009 anaholaboys

i have a pair in black. would anyone like to buy them?

Jul 12, 2009 Kooksoaper13

wut size

Jan 16, 2010 itsbenlong

RE: This post above-------THESE ARE SOLD

Sep 13, 2007 itsbenlong
I have a size 11 Clean Graphite pair for sale. They are brand new in the box.

Jan 16, 2010 Brad

Um, okay?

Welcome back I guess.

Jan 17, 2010 CheElmo

I got these shoes just last wednesday. I haven't done any gring yet, but they feel real good.
They came with some UHFs

Jan 17, 2010 Kooksoaper13

I think ive been using my cleans more than my ordanances now, proly cause they fit better, but i got some slo-bros on em an they work pretty good

Jan 18, 2010 Brad

I wish I had some cleans. They look like normal shoes until BAM! You hit some rail and leave your friends astounded.

Apr 15, 2010 skikid

were do i buy the shoes at and what grind plates would be the most like grinding on skies

Apr 16, 2010 Kooksoaper13

wut size did you neede, I have slobros on mine, and the original originals in a size 14

Apr 16, 2010 skikid

i need like a size 9 but do u no were i can buy a pear at ?

Apr 17, 2010 Brad


Apr 17, 2010 Kooksoaper13

the grocery store probably

Apr 17, 2010 Brad

funny story about soaps and grocery stores. so my moms like a hardcore "dreams have meaning" kinda person and (this is actually true) i had a dream where i found a pair of chaoses at a grocery store and was grinding everything i saw. it was one of those too good to be true dreams then you wake up. i was kinda pissed but decided to give ebay a try. i'd done this many times before but to no avail. so i go on ebay and there i see a pair of ords, sylons and tanks, all in my size and new in the box. i flipped shit. i told my folks about it but initially they declined (it's wasn't until then that they were comfortable buying things off the internet) i was bummed but then remembered the dream and told my mom about it. then she agreed. i flipped shit again. so thats how i got my first pair of soaps.

Apr 17, 2010 skikid

thats sick im trying to get a piar but cant find a place to buy them its starting to piss me off

Apr 17, 2010 Kooksoaper13

and I said grocery store, cuz skikid said *pear*, not pair

Apr 17, 2010 Brad

Lol, yeah I figured that, but it just reminded me of that story ;P

Apr 17, 2010 Kooksoaper13

oh, and skikid, theres a pair of 10s on ebay right now, I'd go for em, cuz soaps run kinda small

Apr 18, 2010 Brad

Yeah, I'd grab a pair before they go completely extinct.

Apr 18, 2010 skikid

ok thanks

Apr 22, 2010 skikid

anyone got any soaps in size 9 for sale

Apr 22, 2010 Brad


With soaps you usually wanna aim for a size bigger than you really are.

May 6, 2010 treflipjohn

just ordered me some of these!
i also got some goas and scabs.
i cant wait

May 6, 2010 Brad

Where from?

May 6, 2010 treflipjohn


May 6, 2010 Brad


Jan 28, 2011 Revengasaur

I have black cleans now. My dreams are all coming true... except for the A Sides of course.

Feb 28, 2011 winglessavian

But hey, you've got broadsides...!

Oct 20, 2011 gongon1037

can anyone tell me where i can get a pair of these shoes. i'd like to know.

Nov 7, 2011 RamenRadio

the cleans are on kateskates, I have yet to buy a pair from that site

Jan 8, 2012 Lightninnova

the cleans are my most used pair but keep in mind, they are very bulky no good for running in but their very durable and good for basic grinds probably my most standard shoe very good would recomend em

Feb 20, 2012 RamenRadio

I really wish I had a few more pairs of these, I would grind until I die xD

Feb 20, 2012 Brad

i wish i had a pair of these period

Feb 20, 2012 RamenRadio

these shoes really are amazing, i once had a cruddy old pair of size 11's for 20 bucks on ebay, best pair of soap shoes I ever owned. I destroyed them soaping in them every single day.

Feb 20, 2012 Brad

i dont blame you one bit

May 1, 2012 gongon1037

I plan on having two pairs of those black cleans. my current pair are starting to lose it's beauty. I also want these in white. So i'll be spending $300 on both pairs, but it feels worth it. What do you think?

May 1, 2012 zelda

Go for it!!!

May 1, 2012 Relate2Videos

Bro, you can't go wrong with the cleans especially the black cleans. They may be SOAP's first pair of shoes, it's still one of their best even after 12 or so years man.

Aug 7, 2012 winglessavian

Pair o these on ebay right now. 50 bucks or so.

Aug 8, 2012 Bradical

In size 12 too. hmm.

Btw, it's still Brad if you hadn't have guessed. Just forgot my old password :P

Aug 29, 2012 rcondit

These in navy blue were my first pair of soaps its what got me hooked.I still loves soaps to this day no matter what my friends think or say i believe in this product!

Aug 29, 2012 Relate2Videos

^this guy is awesome haha

Feb 5, 2013 winglessavian

Just ordered my first pair of cleans. A friend picked some up and i realized they're actually very handsome shoes. They have clean looks and are durable and comfortable. Super excited for mine to come.

Feb 5, 2013 gongon1037

the cleans are my favorite pair of soaps. I love them so much I have two black pairs. I hope I get a white pair soon... or blue pair.

Feb 5, 2013 winglessavian

Dude, order them! They are on ebay!

Feb 6, 2013 gongon1037

I will

Feb 7, 2013 Relate2Videos

The cleans are pretty great shoes, but one of the best pairs of these shoes you can get are a pair of scabs that came with slo bros, and you replace the slo bros with bbks.

A lot of people don't notice this, but when there was only the UHF original grind plates out the shoes that came with them were only meant to fit UHF original grind plates. Although this doesn't seem to be the same with shoes that feature the curb buster grind plate, even though it strangely resemble the UHF originals.

Also keep in mind guys, your shoes are only considered "useless" when either you're no longer to land without sliding on the ground, or you're just not able to grind on anything anymore. The wear and tear on your grind plates is practically regardless.

Apr 24, 2013 camaro126

Just bought a pair of clean whites. Can't wait for them to get here! I really wanted sand color but I had to settle for white. Oh well.

Apr 25, 2013 Relate2Videos

speaking as someone who has had a pair of sand cleans, they're pretty ugly in real life. White ones are cool, just be a little cautious to not get them dirty. That's with all white shoes

Apr 25, 2013 zelda

at the same length a pair of soap shoes nowadays in general is appreciated to have. I wish we were able to get better colors and styles too but cleans are a decent shoe and should just make due

Apr 25, 2013 camaro126

Yeah I love the casual look of them and being white I'll try my best to keep em clean. I'll probably get black laces for them too to spruce them up a bit.

Apr 25, 2013 Relate2Videos

dont get zelda wrong though, you're supposed to mess up your soaps to get the full use out of them. Just need to be careful around mudd

Apr 25, 2013 zelda

pretty much yea

Apr 25, 2013 camaro126

They just came in and like mentioned before they are very handsome shoes! I love the scab look but these have a nice casual look so different but just as great of style. I prefer them to the squeaky cleans too.

Apr 25, 2013 Relate2Videos

you definitely don't want squeaky cleans bro, don't be distracted by their sexy design squeaky cleans are really bad soap shoes.

Apr 26, 2013 camaro126

Oh I honestly think squeaky cleans are ugly. They try to be casual and flashy but try to hard, imo. That's good to know though if I ever have the chance to get some.

Apr 27, 2013 camaro126

Just got a chance to test them out. I like them, they're a bit different feeling than the scabs but not by much. I'm just using my scab plates on these to keep the ones it came with nice and new.

Apr 27, 2013 Relate2Videos

Bad idea bro, did your scabs come with uhfs

Apr 27, 2013 camaro126

My scabs did come with uhfs so it's the same plate I just like using the plattes I've already broken in.

Apr 28, 2013 zelda

U should be ok then

Mar 3, 2014 grug250

just got a pair of black cleans today :)

Mar 4, 2014 mcgrinder2011

FUUUU!!! Why does everyone get more shoes except me!!!

Mar 5, 2014 grug250

sorry bro i just spend long hours looking for them you are gonna hate me but i just bought those daggits too

Mar 5, 2014 mcgrinder2011

...*blows up*

Mar 5, 2014 grug250


Mar 6, 2014 kowalski

I love my Cleans.

Mar 6, 2014 mcgrinder2011

And I would too. IF I HAD SOME!*fairly odd parents dad crazy*

Mar 7, 2014 grug250

love that show

Mar 7, 2014 mcgrinder2011

so do I.*brofist*

Mar 8, 2014 grug250

got 7 pairs of black cleans today :)

Mar 11, 2014 mcgrinder2011

I saw *crazy twilight*

Mar 16, 2014 LIGERZERO7

from relate2videos comment so would you have to sand down a pair of bbks alot if you were to put them on cleans?

Mar 17, 2014 grug250

not at all i put my bbks straight on to my cleans no mod needed

Mar 17, 2014 mcgrinder2011

bbks should be fine dude. someone said to me once that they'd be a bit large of the cleans though but I'm not sure.

Mar 19, 2014 mcgrinder2011

I swear I just saw 5 pairs of sands yesterday on ebay and they're still unsold.

Apr 8, 2014 LIGERZERO7

My black cleans finally got here. They're great! :D Now They can get passed as school shoes hehe!

Apr 9, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Good thing I don't have to wear a uniform there, I can just whip out my Sylons anytime.

Apr 20, 2014 LIGERZERO7

So has anyone had any problems with squeaky plates? Like every time I take a step it gets an annoying squeaky sound. I tried to put it on tighter but it doesn't help.

Apr 21, 2014 mcgrinder2011

I don't get squeaky plates, but if you have your plates on really tight, I'd recommend taking them off, finding any obstructions that could make them squeak, removing it and VERY lightly lubricating them and putting the plates back.

Just my advice though, I have taken care of squeaky metal things and if there's one thing I DO know, it's that Soap's sockets are metal and metal on metal trying to slide on each other without any lube, they will squeak, trust me; Even plastic does this.

Apr 22, 2014 grug250

yeah bro i have had that problem with my plates too nothing i coukld do would stop it

Apr 22, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Did either of you actually investigate what caused the plates to squeak? I bet if you guys found the area that was squeaking(if it's on the plate itself, it'll have some white stuff) and put a light amount of some kind of oil on it, it'll stop squeaking. I done this before when my messenger bag's strap was squeaking itself.

Apr 23, 2014 grug250

i'll look into it bro and see if i can find it

Apr 23, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Knock yourself out, and good luck to both of you!

Apr 23, 2014 LIGERZERO7

I dont know if I might've messed them up more but... I tried butting wax on them but it squeaked... louder? Then tried to screw them til I couldnt anymore but nothing works. Still finding out what squeaks anyway.

Apr 23, 2014 LIGERZERO7

*sorry I meant putting

Apr 24, 2014 mcgrinder2011

You're not exactly supposed to use wax for lubrication. that only works for rails. just scrape it off and apply a little oil. do that with the sockets /screws too. just not both. Try that and report back.

Apr 25, 2014 LIGERZERO7

Oh. Got it. Fixed.

Apr 27, 2014 mcgrinder2011

So what was it?

Apr 27, 2014 LIGERZERO7

Honestly, no idea. I'm just happy its fixed lol.

Apr 28, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Guess that's good. But I'd recommend figuring out just what caused it so it can be fixed faster if it happens again.

Apr 28, 2014 LIGERZERO7

Na. I think it's good. Like forever.

Apr 29, 2014 mcgrinder2011

meh, suit yourself.

May 1, 2014 LIGERZERO7

No need to reply btw. But I was just sayin. Not trying to be mean.

May 2, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Ik just mess in' with ya, maybe.

Oct 23, 2014 grindmaster456

I have these, they're awesome but they squeak a lot.

Oct 24, 2014 grug250

yeah mine squeek too

Oct 24, 2014 mcgrinder2011

That's funny. Wasn't there a trick you could use to get rid of squeak on here?

Ah well, I had the same issue. Just rub a little oil/lotion to lube up the plates and screws and you should be fine.

Or is it the sole that squeaks...

Feb 1, 2015 Waffle

Release unknown my ass.. October 1997

Feb 4, 2015 mcgrinder2011

And you found that out How?

Baby Blues look cool. Was THIS close to getting them. Then they got bought...

Feb 4, 2015 Waffle

U should track down the buyer, shove a fork into his ass and steal the shoes!

Mar 14, 2016 LIGERZERO7

No way. Some guy on ebay is selling some size 9 cleans for $10,000...

Sep 5, 2018 megamac

Truly one of the greatest pair of shoes by SOAP. They're built really well, have a great basic style, and if you get a groove in the plate, they're phenomenal for tricks. The downside is, they're decently weighty, so jumping and landing on rails may be difficult for new users. But overall, the Cleans are definitely a great pair of shoes. You can't go wrong with these. [8.5/10]
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Dillon Morris hittin a Frontside
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