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greg morris hittin a backside at olympic stadium
greg morris hittin a backside at olympic stadium

Photographer: marc thauvette
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Aug 29, 2003 Greg

ah screw it i buckled (http://resu.fswer.com/Junk/solidgrind-cess.jpg) like i said, they are more, but here's one

Aug 29, 2003 Mart

Gotta love the way Benji had nothing original to say, there

Aug 29, 2003 Benji

Hey mart, shut up

Aug 29, 2003 Greg

if anyone wants to see the picture tom took, its rigth here (http://resu.fswer.com/Pictures/greg114.jpg) the rest will be up later

Aug 29, 2003 Mart

Dude... nice

Aug 29, 2003 mike

Im gonna have to say that, photography wise, I like the cess picture better. The concrete block is very cool looking, but the cess picture also captures the awesome lighting with the sky better, oh well, all three pics are sick.

Aug 29, 2003 pushead

I'm jealous.

Aug 29, 2003 Mart

Mr. Lay's pic looks like misconnection-city

Aug 29, 2003 Smokey

Ha, so clever... Does anyone know what those huge concrete blocks are for? (the one Greg is grinding and those smaller ones in the background)

Aug 29, 2003 Greg

the photo tom took is when i just got onto the ledge. and i jump front foot firt, my back foot is in the air.

Aug 29, 2003 Smokey

...Well obviously. I don't think I've seen anyone do a back foot first backside..

Aug 29, 2003 Rocker

I wish there where places like that near my house!!! oh well out

Aug 29, 2003 Benji

Dude thats fucking sweet

Aug 29, 2003 rscvideos

yes yes. sadly you are still gay. plz allow me to insert my swollen member into your quivering crater of an ass.

Aug 29, 2003 Tanner

DAMN! That is NICE greg..very nice. How much speed did you have?

Aug 29, 2003 Smokey

What are those things anyway?

Aug 29, 2003 mike

Thats a sick picture, the sloped thing makes it looke awesome, nice grind too.

Aug 29, 2003 KyrusFrost

Thats an awesome pic. That looks just like the ledge on one of the IMYTAs, maybe Paris? skatepile.tv used to have a clip awhile back.

Aug 29, 2003 Smokey

Dude that's fucking sweet! Did you try cess slidin that flat part?

Aug 29, 2003 Greg

Kryusfrost- its the ledge from the montreal IMYTA's Smokey- i did, ive got pictures, i just got home today and im tired tho

Aug 30, 2003 Mart

I had 'impossible' running through my mind, Aaron...

Aug 30, 2003 aaron

smokey, wouldnt it be HARDER and GAYER to do a backside back-foot first?

Aug 30, 2003 humain

I know this place... it's from Quebec, The expo's stadium. Great place for cess slide. gab (i've been on this forum 1 years ago, sscfsw remember?)

Aug 30, 2003 Tanner

Who can forget Gab? Welcome back!

Sep 27, 2003 D-bag

i feel bad for the camera man, hes gonnna die. or just get severely injured.

Mar 7, 2006 AleX

thats steep

May 18, 2006 onthegrindduude


Dec 19, 2006 snikas

he man watch out it looks like hes comin down fast. woosh

Mar 30, 2007 Slider388

Is that a cast on his arm??

Mar 30, 2007 casper


Apr 19, 2007 Tasslehoff

heh now hit the other side of the stairs lol.

May 10, 2008 liljiggy

Yo greg, where ya at in Montreal? Im' lookin for grinders in Montreal Area to do some videos... ledoc2k6@hotmail.com if you wanna speak

Jun 14, 2013 Revengasaur

Sick ledge.

Jun 15, 2014 mcgrinder2011

Just noticed this apparently, it never stated the trick is a backside Royale. I swear I've got an eye for details.