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Loren dalla betta hittin a UFO on handrail
Loren dalla betta hittin a UFO on handrail

Photographer: Collin
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Apr 15, 2004 3i5g00d


Apr 15, 2004 humain

too long pants... Gab

Apr 15, 2004 Collin

Dont mind the fuzz this one was taken with my 20 dollar digital.

Apr 15, 2004 Collin

"too long pants" wow and thats coming from a roller, maybe its just how he dresses god comment the trick and not on what hes wearing.

Apr 15, 2004 Collin

and oh yeah this pic is like 2-3 months old.

Apr 15, 2004 speedy186

this is......a very old pic.......

Apr 16, 2004 broox

yeah, it is very old. but the kid has submitted it about 50 times and it was getting a bit annoying, so we just posted it.

Apr 16, 2004 Collin

i only submitted it once, hahaha

Apr 16, 2004 Collin

maybe other people submitted it after i did i remember only submitting it once.

Apr 16, 2004 humain

Would you shut up collins? gab

Apr 16, 2004 Collin

Wanna go eat a dick humain?

Apr 16, 2004 Mart

wh... I commented to Louis yesterday at how this pic is always resubmitted I don't like it, either

Apr 16, 2004 Collin

it would be better if it wasnt as gloomy, clearer, and a lil better angle.

Apr 16, 2004 Denny

Hey derek why isnt my pic of the boneless 360 over the four stair in with the other feature pics? Did i forget to select a category?

Apr 16, 2004 Denny

Sorry if i did

Apr 16, 2004 Smokey

If you get your feet closer together and bend your knees outwards a little more, your UFOs will look a lot better. Oh, and video stills = gay

Apr 16, 2004 Collin

It isnt a video still, haha it was taken with a really shitty 20 dollar digital.

Apr 16, 2004 aaron

UFOs look better with the feet as far a part as possible, with the knees down as low to the rail as possible. Hence making the body look like a UFO. Don't even try to argue, I've been around longer than you kids have had a clue. Rolling and Soaping.

Apr 16, 2004 humain

Denny.... Derek has propably receive your picture correctly but he didn't post it cause you got TOO MANY pictures on this site! I approve him... Gab

Apr 17, 2004 Denny

No im talking about my pic of the boneless 360 over the 4 step that has already been featured. Its just not in with the other skateboarding pics. i just had some people who wanted to see it.

Apr 17, 2004 Denny

Besides why does it matter how many pics i have on this web site anyway?

Apr 17, 2004 Mart

Yeah Ryan, Aaron's right. Just look at Ryan J's UFOs

Apr 17, 2004 Smokey

True... But the only person I've seen who can do "Ryan J UFOs" is... Himself. And one of "his" ufos on this rail wouldn't even slide :P

Apr 17, 2004 ElSpanko

i'm sick of seeing videos stills and sloppy grinds....the old school days were so much better

Apr 17, 2004 aaron

there are a lot more people that Ryan J who can do those style UFOs, its just that in general, the soap shoe scene lacks talent and balls, don't even try to deny it. im yet to see any of you hardcore soapers do 450, 540, 630 or 720 grinds, yet on rollerblades 450 and 540 are becoming common, and some people like haffey are into fakie 630s and fakie 720s. lots of skaters can do ryan j UFOs, i can do them, i can do them on skates and i can do them on shoes. you dont need to get unnescesarily low like ryan J does, but seriously, you dont keep you "feet close together", thats like saying for a royale you should have your feet close together and as flat as possible.

Apr 17, 2004 Mart

Show us how to do this stuff then, Aaron

Apr 17, 2004 aaron


Apr 17, 2004 aaron

ps: give me a week or so to film, im a pretty busy guy between school, work and rollerblading but in a week i should have a few clips anyway

Apr 18, 2004 Gordy

Well Aaron, isn't it kind of like Skateboarding and Snowboarding? I don't see anyone pulling 1260's on skateboards, and I definitley don't see 720 to Boardslides on a skateboard. And I don't see Snowboards heelflipping or kickflipping. They are two different sports that share a lot in common, just like soaping and inline.

Apr 18, 2004 Collin

There is one big similarity in every extreme sports, they all have some kid Named jordan thompson stinking it up.

Apr 18, 2004 aaron

i think soaping and rolling have more in common than skateboarding and snowboarding, seeing how in snowboarding the snowboard is strapped to their feet and they get like 1000x as much air, dumbass. they're not even on the same obstacles, ones down big snowy mountains. both rolling and soaping do handrails, both are strapped to the feet, if anything soaping has the advantage since they're lighter, you can jump on one-foot at a time, and you can bail since your on shoes. not hating on soaping, everyone knows i've supported soaping since forever, just stating the facts. and yah jordan you win the award for being the kid who goes the longest but still doesnt get it.

Apr 18, 2004 aaron

ps: just to make your statement completely irrelevant jordan, your comparison between skateboarding and snowboarding would be equal to maybe skiing and soaps or skiing and rollerblading... not soaping and rolling which have THE EXACT SAME TRICKS (GRINDS) AS ON SOAPS. Jordan, get a clue.

Apr 18, 2004 Mart

Damn you Aaron, covering all the bases Collin, you're my new best friend for making me laugh so hard

Apr 18, 2004 Mart

Also, Aaron, I think jumping one foot at a time is a serious disadvantage of soaping. You can jump higher and with more control with two feet, plus jumping two feet at once makes spinning into grinds a whole lot easier

Apr 18, 2004 FritoBandito

by Collin on 4.18.04 - 4:56 AM There is one big similarity in every extreme sports, they all have some kid Named jordan thompson stinking it up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-Clique What?!?! hahahaha funny but true.

Apr 18, 2004 ElSpanko

i dont think he stinks it up completly,every sport has their share of posers,and hes in every share of each aha, i think he gives us something to laugh at once and awhile, so good job jordan for sucking bad enough for us to laugh :-D

Apr 18, 2004 Greg

"yah jordan you win the award for being the kid who goes the longest but still doesnt get it." aaron macdonald is my best friend.

Apr 19, 2004 Gordy

just post my fastslide picture. i submited it. you'll think different then.

Apr 19, 2004 Collin

No offense but i think that Fastslide pic loren submitted will mack on yours and the funny thing is this kid has been soaping for like 2 months

Apr 19, 2004 Gordy

did you see it even?

Jul 15, 2004 Fat_people_suck

those pants look retarded, and collin can go fornicate himself, you dum shithead

May 11, 2006 Surfaced

Yeah seriously, he's gonna kill himself someday with those pants. Or maybe he's already dead. Who knows.

Feb 27, 2007 RamenRadio

God, I want to do a UFO like that!

Mar 6, 2012 zelda


May 1, 2012 Relate2Videos

nice ufo