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Jordan Thompson hittin a Freestyle Fastslide
Jordan Thompson hittin a Freestyle Fastslide

Photographer: Ashleigh Hauser
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Apr 21, 2004 Phantom00991

No, way you hit the whole rail...and if you did start from the top (dboutfull) you lost your balance right after the pic was snapped. My guess is you jumped over the rail and put your foot on. I could be wrong...but....you don't have much evidence to back this one up, jordan. *Note from Maxwell(I lost the net at my house)* Jordan I'm with Casey on this one...there's no way you hit that whole rail. especially fastslide, front...maybe but still no!

Apr 21, 2004 Louis

The famous fastslide picture that when you see "you'll think different then" about Gawky...i mean gordy

Apr 21, 2004 Louis

the definition of gawky fits perfectly btw....

Apr 21, 2004 Louis

gawk�y (g�k)adj. Awkward; ungainly. lacking grace in movement or posture; "a gawky lad with long ungainly legs"; "clumsy fingers"; [syn: clumsy, clunky, ungainly,]

Apr 21, 2004 broox

hehe, there are very few people that can lock on while fastsliding... i am not one of them... and it looks like jordan isn't either.

Apr 21, 2004 speedy186

HAHA...is his back leg sliding on the rail or is it just me...

Apr 21, 2004 Louis

I have to say, at least he tried. I for one cannot do fastslides, and would deffinatly not attempt it on a handrail like the one pictured.

Apr 21, 2004 Collin

If you actually look at the shadow you can see what looks to be a skateboard under jordan or possibly whoever is actually in that picture

Apr 21, 2004 speedy186

i can do a better fastslide than this on a handrail

Apr 21, 2004 timmy

I think it's pretty cool, if he started at the top. If he started halfway up the stairs and just jumped over and put his foot on, then it's just GAY.

Apr 21, 2004 3i5g00d

dudes look at the pic there is no way in hell he did the whole rail. Look where the fence is.... it would be such a tight fit to get by it at the top let alone fastslide by it. All he did was jump of the rail and tell his friend to take a picture

Apr 21, 2004 Smokey

looks like his back foot is too far over the rail, so I'm guessing (like everyone else) that he didn't balance for very long.

Apr 21, 2004 Tanner

yikes...why did we post this? I thought it was for GOOD pictures

Apr 21, 2004 Mart

The only credit I give to Jordan on this is for attempting such a stupid grind for a stair set this steep. There would have been props heading your way if you'd backslided it. But it's a flat rail, and we all know how much flat rails suck on soap shoes

Apr 22, 2004 Gordy

I did grind the whole way, but it was more of a kick on it. Like I made it all the way down, but i wasn't above the rail. Hard to explain... I started on the 15th step.

Apr 22, 2004 Greg

congratulations. this is an oboiuvs atempt to gain respect. too bad its clear you jumped onto the rail then just as quick moved off the the other side. didnt you call my pictures fake? youre a fucking peice of shit.

Apr 22, 2004 aaron

me and greg can both do fastslides and lock them, like across handicap rails... not to mention i can fastslide on skates as one of my 'known tricks' (since i do them often and make em long), and i can guarantee that if he did this whole rail it was super sloppy and more of a just hit the rail and flow down it with yoru foot on it rather than actualy balancing the end. PS: This fastslide picture didnt change anything except that you can now make rail pics look just as bad as curb pics.

Apr 22, 2004 Collin

Dude i dont think you should be using your girlfriend as a photographer i think her eyes hurt from having to witness this shit in real life.

Apr 22, 2004 Greg

what happened to "creative and original thinking"? you dont need to answer that, we all no it was your poor excuse to make up for your lack of balls to try and handrail. VERY original too, sounds like you stole that shit from a dustin latimer interview you fuck. i guess you finally cracked and followed the crowd, and did what everyone told you. very punkrawk. too bad this is a very LAME atempt to rip me off, with faked photos and slandering me to cover up your shit trail. anyone who was around LAST YEAR knows whats the dilly. youre a terrible follower kiddo, you picked a good person to follow in me, but too bad youll never be as good as i was, not with shit like this. PS: ive got it in my mind shes some 300+ lb lardass who listens to nickelback, wears too much makeup and wears like, fishnets on her arms. am i corect?

Apr 22, 2004 Phantom00991

"I did grind the whole way...I started on the 15th step" Dude, even if by some miracle you DID start at the 15th step it still wouldn't be the whole rail, it's a 17 set. Also, if you did do the whole rail how come your woman waited until you were almost off the rail and looking crappy to take the pic?

Apr 22, 2004 3i5g00d

if he started on the 15th step HOW THE FUCK did he make is by that fence! DAMN IT!

Apr 22, 2004 Mart

He started on the 15th step, yeah, meaning that he was standing there. He blatantly disastered it and tapped his foot on. All I can say is that his woman has the best timing ever. Shame her boyfriend's a bit of a knob

Apr 22, 2004 Benji

Im pretty sure you started at the 9th or 10th step and i agree with what everyone else has said(didnt balance, ugly girlffriend, etc. Oh and your pink shoelaces are so punk it hurts my eyes

Apr 22, 2004 Louis

It must have hurt like your bitch when you landed on the ground from that height.....i mean "a bitch"

Apr 22, 2004 Rocker

wow.... this is almost worst than me. and whoa. y the hell do you have pink shoe laces. and y didnt you just do a fastslide on the bike rack. that would have been alot cooler. out

Apr 23, 2004 GreenBeret

rocker what are you talking about? your an idiot. a fast slide on a bike rack doesnt compare to a fast slide on a gnar bar. that would be like saying a boardslide on a practice rail is cooler than doing one down a hand rail. this would have been a nice pic if he actually did it but as everyone else has already stated he is clearly out of balance.

Apr 23, 2004 rscvideos

jordan i like your pic good job.

Apr 24, 2004 RiteHite

im pretty sure he did it cause iv seen him do it on other rails. im going to go slap gordy today and make him take better pictures.

May 20, 2004 kfcwhatscookin

personally i think riding the bike in a circle woulda been cool but if u wanna go all techical, do ahead, fastslide the rail, i dont care PO-ta-TOS

May 21, 2004 Curtinator

I can tell he's going to jump off look at his right foot. PS.Jordan i think you should steel the bike.Or is it yours?

Jun 7, 2004 kfcwhatscookin

yeah jordan, i figure i havent been nice to ya, so i will be nice this one time, all crappy soaping aside, that picture in a way does look pretty dope, but it looks like u are gonna slap ur face into that pole, watch out!! Nah, keep it up man, stick with soapin, i wouldnt have tried that rail, it looks hard to get to. U musta grinded at least up to where u are, cause there is no way u coulda ran fast enough to jump and land that far down, unless u came around that corner, but even if u did u would hit the fence, so good job man, its a pretty cool trick, im gone!

Jun 24, 2004 Fat_people_suck

this dude had to bail

Jul 21, 2004 foxracing

ur insane thats all i haveta say

Aug 10, 2004 Fat_people_suck


May 26, 2006 chip

i saw him fall so bad some were LAMO

May 27, 2006 AnthoFlex

i think he fell after this pic was taken...when i first looked at it, i thought, WTF? hes gonna hangup, but then i saw that it was SUPPOSED to be a fastslide...i think he fell...look like he started from the middle too

May 27, 2006 AnthoFlex

holy shit, the next section of that rail hes about to go into isnt even there! or it could just be camoflauge with the backround

Sep 2, 2006 SonicSoaper

And Oh How Did Jordan's Ass Bounce!(Look where his left foot is and you'll get this post.)

Apr 23, 2007 kobansora

Note: After this pic was taken, he ended up on Scarred.