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Stuart Pickston with a cess slide down a ramp.
Stuart Pickston with a cess slide down a ramp.

Photographer: Ian Day
Shoes: Boltar
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Jan 12, 2008 Megashadow77

...........How do you get your legs to do that?

Jan 12, 2008 AnthoFlex

Bending your knees

Jan 15, 2008 ShadowSoaper

now, now.

Let's not be a smart ass.

Jan 15, 2008 Soapdreamer

I think hes talking about the upper leg which seems to be bending somewhere on the shin.

Jan 15, 2008 AnthoFlex

now now shadow, stfu

Jan 15, 2008 RamenRadio


Jan 15, 2008 ShadowSoaper

Hm. That doesn't seem very gentlemanlike.....

Jan 15, 2008 AnthoFlex

haha, my bad. I couldnt resist. I was just plaing

Jan 17, 2008 Revengasaur

This is super sick... I learned these yesterday as I was mopping the hardwood floor :P

Jan 17, 2008 Slidey

The upper leg looks bent because I'm wearing baggy jeans lol

Jan 24, 2008 Soapdreamer

Double jointed pants lol.

Feb 16, 2008 snikas

damn dude nice but i dont recomend this tyoe of trick it wears the side of your shoe to much

Jun 1, 2008 scuzzydontask

NE1 know where this picture was taken???

Jun 1, 2008 sam


Jun 2, 2008 scuzzydontask

Whoa. Don't think I'll be able to check out that park then.

Jun 2, 2008 scuzzydontask

Sam: Billy said he went to XW Friday, U2? If so, sorry I couldn't make it, but maybe this Friday, or tomorrow, or both.

Jun 2, 2008 scuzzydontask

Yep I'm going 2 XW 2day. It's inline 50% off. $3.00!