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Stu doing a royale on the bank rail
Sam hittin a ufo.
Adon Sanchez Hittin' a front side.
Stuart Pickston doing a cheesegrater on the Chimes shopping centre long rail
Justin Vongpanya frontside on a bench during Tolo. Disney themed!
Trey Davis (ordnanceFlint91) hitting a tweaked UFO
Sam hittin a royale
Alex busting a powerslide.
Damian Zoil hitting a UFO on the school Gym Rail
Sam hittin a royal outside cold-stone's.
Jay hittin' a sweet gap over a ditch.
Damian Zoil stickin a Frontside on the Next rail
Jay (D.V.) Grinding the huge rail outside of his church.
Rynasty bustin a back-to-the-future nugen
sam sztuk hittin a royale.
AJ with a UFO on a sick ledge
Stuart Pickston with a Freestyle Backslide on the Next rail
D.V. Grinding a huge rail at his church.
Stuart Pickston frontsiding the gurnell swimming pool rail
this is the SOAP wrapping paper, i didn't notice the shoes were wrapped in it until my 2nd pair.  I scanned the images in and combined them.
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