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Back to soaps! Annoying long post
Mar 10, 2019 by LIGERZERO7

Man finally got logged in after a hundred attempts! I finally log back in and I don't know how it was changed up when I put in the same thing as before. Tried to get Derek to see if there was anything to do but he seems busy, so hey if you see this my bad again. Anyway, I was playing some Sonic Adventure 2 lately and decided to try and get some more soaps, recently scored some flint ordnances and express'. At the time there were some goas, tbones, and sylons but I thought I should grab the ords since theres a high chance those three I mentioned won't make it in the long run and through personal experience the goas pleather cracked heavily, tbones front had started tearing and ripped where the plastic is, and boltars which has the unfortunate midsole problem. Maybe I'll still try to use my boltars... Theres a slight rip in them but bending them more at the toe it seems like they might hold. "Might." Back to the ordnance and express, ords are no problem as they have a solid sole still so I just had to change the crumbling insole. The express on the other hand... Which I unfortunately was pretty desperate for another pair since they're one of the lightest soaps I got cracked just as I cleaned it up (they were used, slight wear) with different laces because for some reason it had heelys laces so I changed them with my older express' soap laces and switched the insole. Bent it at the toe, heard a loud rip... Both had completely ripped at the sole tearing from front to back with a visible line. :| Brand new ords, guy was selling for a very reasonable 70 bucks, and these used express' were 130. The guy at the repair shop recommends what he recommended last time to my ripped sylons, to have the midsole completely replaced. So much for that, I liked the look of them. Might just try to repair my older express where it did start to have some ripping at the sole and its pretty scuffed up but it's still kicking for the most part. I'm just bummed since I was glad to use some new express plates since they still have the lock in plastic which I grinded down on the royale side on my old pair. Another recent revival were my scabs, I never used them because as I was walking in them I notice the leather at the toe bend start to crack, recently got some oil thing that was recommended from a leather place and I put some of that in hopes to bring it to better conditions. Hope it works fine, since my sylons are the only other size same as my scabs to use my slo bros. Sylons are retired for now, wish I didn't try to shoe goo all my shoes that I thought needed repairing since now it would be much harder to restore with that stuff on it which would probably tear it up if removed. Don't know if anyone is still messing around on the site, but hello to 2019 on here.
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These guys kicked me out of the mall for soaping that day
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Tal Zeltzer hittin a Acid Soul
Wyatt Peterson busting a fastslide
Joe Wallace with a cowboy hat, shorts, and long underwear...