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Sep 6, 2000 by broox

OK, www.brooksfsw.com is almost done. I am still working on my cgi scripts for my message board, so you won't get the big picture, but you'll get to see the new layout and some of the content. There are going to be no updates until I get the message board going. So, like I said, this is only a preview of what's going to happen on www.brooksfsw.com. If you want a sneak preview then check it out right here.
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Abercrombie Freestyle Walking... what?
Bryndon Smith hittin a Frontside the Iowa City Kink
Jay Sers hittin a Cheesegrater in Montreal
Dario Nieva with a Backside UFO
Daz Burt pulling a frontside 'nugen during the UKFSW Ipswich trip.