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Bizo Shoes
Mar 10, 2006 by broox

Hey guys. I'm trying to get some more information on Bizo shoes. Obviously the company has gone out of business and never really put out awesome shoes. But I still want to get some info. I'm trying to figure out all the model names, what they looked like, etc.

If you know ANYTHING about ANY model of Bizo shoes, be sure to post it here.

I'm wearing a pair right now that say "Armor" on the tongue. Is Armor a model? Or is that just something cool that the tongue says? If you have any pics, let me know, I could use those too. Thanks a lot!

Mar 10, 2006 alexei

Derek do you remember the Bizo Street team video? I believe it was shot in New York with a bunch of teenagers doing the same lame handrail over and over...with some white guy as a host. Or I could be crazy...

Mar 11, 2006 Wesker

The shoe's had "Bizo Armor", which was supposed to make the shoe's last longer from the wear and tear of a grind shoe.

I only remember there being like 3 models. You can try archive.org to find older info.

The name of the model that I won for free (The site had some contest that was unbelievably easy to win) is called "Hardware".

Mar 11, 2006 Wesker

Ok Derek here are the model names/colors:

Bust A Grind with Bizo Freestyle walking Shoes, This Grindshoe is protected by Bizo armor. Talk the Talk Now Walk the Walk with Bizo! Best in the Grindshoes Industries!

Downtown Lt. Gray Bizo Grind Shoes
Ax lt. Gray/Navy Grind Shoes
Downtown Tan/Navy Bizo Grind Shoes
Hardware Black/Charcoal Grind Shoes
Hardware Charcoal/Black Grind Shoes

Slogan: Bizo Pro Skateshoes & Grindshoes, Talk the Talk Now Walk the Walk.

I'll take a picture of my Bizo's tomorrow.

Mar 11, 2006 broox

rockin, thanks dario. i just took a few pics of my shoes earlier this morning... or yesterday morning - it's now 1am. we'll compare and see which model we both have. it's probably the same because i also won mine from that "going out of business give-away"

Mar 11, 2006 iGrind

I'm assuming you checked Google Images but...if you haven't, there's a couple shots of some models.

Mar 12, 2006 Wesker

Hope this helps Derek, I am 100% positive that these are the Bizo Hardware shoes. Charcoal/Black combo I beleive.

(Note: Images not resized)


Mar 14, 2006 broox

Dario, those are the ones I have - however i thought they were blue / light gray. Could those be the Ax?

Mar 16, 2006 Wesker

Unless they sent me the wrong ones, I asked for the Hardware hah.

May 21, 2006 Mart

Man, those shoes actually look awful. Look at that huge gab between the plate and the sole in the first picture!

Jul 9, 2006 Go2Crew

Derek, just noted size 12 Bizo's at ebay item #220005550863, looks like the Downtown Tan/Navy. Say, did those Bizo Quickclip plates stay on any better than than the Soap Quickdraws?

Jul 9, 2006 Wesker

I could only assume so considering the plates have never fell off on my Bizo's.

Go2Crew: What role did you have over at HSL/Instride/Soap shoes?

Jun 5, 2013 kowalski

An old image of a Bizo shoe:


Not sure which model because it is white and white is not a listed colour scheme for any model of Bizo. They don't look like the Hardwares though, so I guess they are Ax or Downtown.

Jun 5, 2013 Relate2Videos

wtf!?!??! dude nice find!

Jan 29, 2015 Waffle

These are nice. A dutch shop still sells them. Such Mystery! Oh and that pic that Kowalski posted.. Those are the Downtown.

Jan 31, 2015 Waffle

Bizo Ax Lt. gray, Downtown Tab and Lt. Gray and Charcoal. Only grind models. I heard a myth that more were planned but Bizo went down in 2005. Would be sick if someone bought the patent and revived them. Like Axion. The company was founded by Mitchell Jamel and the grind shoe production started in 1999. Prior to that it was skate shoes only and they were extremely uncomfortable. There was never a big demand for their shoes and every pair you bought you would get a free skateboard and 6-month warranty. Bizo was founded in 1994. It's actually Bizö not Bizo. The Bizo HQ was located at 255 NE Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton , Fl. 33431.

Feb 12, 2015 Waffle

Additional info: Here is the patent for Bizo http://www.google.com/patents/US6788200 Mitchell W. Jamel now works as a real estate agent in Augustine.
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