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DEOS Videos Back Online
Jul 9, 2004 by alexei

Hey guys, sorry for being out of the scene for so long but I finally got around to putting the DEOS videos back up. You can get the last (and best) 3 on my new website at pants productions. As for Best of DEOS, I've got about 3 more things to edit and it'll be up, prolly within a week.

Jul 9, 2004 sold324

thats awsome!!!!!

Jul 9, 2004 honestfool84

haha!not to be proud or anything, but im the reason that the DEOS videos are back up!haha, i asked Alexei to put them up, and he did, thanks again Alexei. . .youve been a great inspiration to me. . .

Jul 10, 2004 Greg

hurry the fuck up already bitch! xo!

Jul 10, 2004 Luke

YAY!!! I was wondering what was going on!

Jul 12, 2004 honestfool84

hey, hey, keep the language clean in here, we dont need to be saying that kind of stuff...no, nah, no bad words!

Jul 12, 2004 GreenBeret

ok mother

Jul 12, 2004 Mart

Fuck you, cunt

Jul 12, 2004 Greg

"haha!not to be proud or anything, but im the reason that the DEOS videos are back up!"

youre sure modest. if you didnt ask someone else would have. relax.

"youve been a great inspiration to me. . ."

this joke never gets old. alexei is just a regular person, i dont see his face on any cereal boxes, so calm down...isnt he in a frat anyway? there is a great role model. seriously where is aaron macdonald. he can illustrate this point better then i can.
conclusion: shut up. you have two comments.

Jul 12, 2004 Mart

Bonus scene points for referencing others and being a superior bastard

Jul 13, 2004 aaron

it's not so much that alexei is a bad soaper, as much as it is that he isn't that amazing. i know some amazing rollerbladers who have put soapshoes on for the first time and do tricks so much more insane then anything we see the top soapers in the soapshoe scene do. until there is less inconsistancy, more progression, and the ability for the soapshoe scene to hold it's own against other sports, than there is nobody in the soap shoe scene who is a great inspiration. you want inspiration, look at rollerbladers like alex broskow, chris haffey, etc, and try to emulate their stunts, their technicality, their skill, their trick vocabularly, their style. by emulating them you will talent will grow and you'll be able to take on your own style, AND you will have learned more tricks (and be a better overall soaper) than if you follow the same-old tricks done the exact same way for the last 5 years in the soap shoe scene.

Jul 13, 2004 Curtinator


Jul 13, 2004 Curtinator

Who was the Camera man I don't remember and alex page is not working That was funny though when the camera guy

Jul 13, 2004 Curtinator

Oops I meant that was funny when you hitted the Camera man

Jul 23, 2004 Quarantine

OMG website, quit having your bandwith exceeded, I've been trying to get these vids since my comp crashed and I lost them due to a reformat. Argh!

Sep 2, 2004 Collin

Posted by Curtinator on 7.13.04 - 5:03 PM
Oops I meant that was funny when you hitted the Camera man

Theres on one cure for you....call the following number 1800-ABCDEFG or visit www.amazingkids.org

Sep 22, 2004 Curtinator

nah I don't feel like it.
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