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Good Falls on TV
Nov 12, 2003 by derek

Do you have any good Soaping Falls captured? I have a pretty good chance of getting them featured on a new TV show (on a big name channel, which will remain undisclosed at this time). I already have a bunch of mine put together and ready to send in, however if anyone else has any that they can get me ASAP, let me know. I'm only looking for extremely high quality (preferably miniDV).

This is not set in stone yet, but things are floating around and the possibility is there. I want to make sure to hook them up with something really good.

Nov 12, 2003 mike

i dont have a soaping fall, but i have the most classic bike fall ever

Nov 12, 2003 Floptastic

wouldnt by chance be real tv on spike would it?

Nov 12, 2003 Smokey

I have so many falls on my comp... but theyre all captured through crappy usb on a digital8 camcorder... yarr

Nov 12, 2003 Smokey

and Hi8 tapes... again, yarr.

Nov 12, 2003 derek

If you can print them from the hi8 to VHS or just send me a HI8 tape, I might be able to do something with these.

Nov 12, 2003 derek

No, bigger, hehe.

Nov 13, 2003 Turbo309

Derek you have all of mine so if any are good send em in

Nov 13, 2003 Wesker

Ohh that FOX show.

Nov 13, 2003 Mart

wtf Dario? Why do you wanna blow the lid on something that Derek is obviously trying to keep secret for a reason?

Nov 13, 2003 derek

hah, all of yours are going in.

Nov 13, 2003 fordy

we've got a couple of classics have we not martin?

Nov 13, 2003 Wesker

Ehh, It's not a secret. Theres no reason for it to be a secret. It's just a show looking for footage, like those caught on TV things.

Nov 14, 2003 Mart

If there was no reason to keep it a secret, I don't think Derek would be keeping it from us

Nov 14, 2003 Mart

Two of you racking yourself just by climbing over Alexandra, Andrew

Nov 14, 2003 Wesker

I don't know why he's keeping it a secret as it shouldnt be. Its a regular TV show requesting footage. Plenty of those clip show videos do it. They ask us because we fit their demographic. They got me and Derek's email's through the soapshoes.com website. It's not secret insider information, its a frickin TV show.

Nov 14, 2003 Greg

derek keeps shit a secret for no reason. ehem, the db soap ad,....

Nov 14, 2003 Smokey


Nov 14, 2003 CK

Yo Derek.
Dude do you think that fall of Oliver's and my budy Adam breaking his leg in half would be good or is it too graphic. You know which one i'm talking about right. We showed it to you before the stl demo.

Nov 14, 2003 CK

ps. do you think you could post one of my photo's from the demo. I'm sure there's got to be something sick! If not that's cool.

Nov 14, 2003 mike

dude, i wanna see that even if it is too graphic for tv

Nov 14, 2003 Mart

Hahaha, I'm with Mikey boy on this one

Nov 14, 2003 derek

yo dude, i'm fedex'ing the video out today. but yeah, i do want that video. i still might be able to send it out, because they said they might want more stuff.

Nov 14, 2003 derek

alright. i know that having info before other people is super duper cool and it's reeeally exciting to blurt it out because it makes you look cooler!!!! but seriously.

the reason the network was supposed to remain undisclosed is that nothing is set in stone yet, and i'm not really sure if they want everyone to know what they're planning for their new series.

anyway. i put together some really good stuff and i'm sending it in today 23 falls, a person soaping for the first time (drunk), and some pranks/jackass type stuff. Here are the falls:
-Oliver hitting his chest on a rail
-Aaron getting pushed off a rail
-Aaron falling and hitting his armpit on the rail
-Aaron falling on his face
-Aaron hitting his head
-Aaron falling on his collarbone
-Mark doing a flip onto the steps (awesome fall)
-Mark's falling while wrapping his leg around underneath the rail
-Zach falling on his chest
-Jordan getting racked
-Derek falling off of scooter handle bars (not soap)
-Derek hurting his ankle
-Derek racking himself (tailbone)
-Zach trying to powerslade a skateboard (not soap)
-Danny hard fall
-Danny butt fall
-EJ fall foreward
-Joey racked good
-Paul hitting lots of bones on the rail
-Cullen hitting his butt on the end of the rail and then his head on the ground
-Derek rolling off a handrail doing a makio

Nov 14, 2003 Jordan

Derek put that vid that you sent out up on Solid grind so we can see it man. Don't hate we wanna see that video!

Nov 14, 2003 Mart

Thank you! See Wesker? Try thinking before you post

Nov 14, 2003 zeek309

what are you talking about ?

Nov 14, 2003 Wesker

I did think before I posted. I even talked to them.

They never mentioned me not being able to tell anyone. They also told me the channel the show will be on, The name of the show. When it will air, and how many episodes long it will run.

They're not sending email's to everyone because they dont know jack about you. Like I said, they found us through the soap site and figured we were into the whole Jackass thing (As most kids our age are)

It's not a special secret, you fool. Now buzz off :P

Nov 14, 2003 Mart

I'm sorry? I thought Derek was higher up the chain than you. Like... being team leader, a decent soaper and such. I think that if he chooses to keep it quiet, you should do to

Nov 14, 2003 Greg

The full page soapshoe ads that went out in the daily bread. they ran printed, and about a month later (while they where already out) derek posted the rayn dawes picture and hyped it up about how its going to be the main aspect for the super mega awesome new soap ad, without answering any questions for people who hadnt seen the ad.

Nov 15, 2003 Wesker

Your a funny one. We are all pretty much equals with that, and this right here. This whole TV thing. It has nothing to do with the company Soap shoes, In terms of whos running it. Quit trying to flame me for the sake of flaming

Nov 15, 2003 Mart

You're EQUALS? I'm sorry Wesker, but that just takes the biscuit for the stupidest things you've ever said

Nov 16, 2003 Wesker

The whole team captain line, I have yet to see a difference besides title on that. They're very nice at Soap shoes in treating us like equals. You need to stop talking about things you know nothing about.

Nov 16, 2003 fordy


Nov 16, 2003 fordy

I don't even see how soapshoes come into the company willingly giving out information about the programme and running times etc. it's obviously obtainable information which you don't need to be able to 270 bs royalle down 1,000,000 stair set rail to know about.
So being leader of the soap team should make fuck all difference

Nov 16, 2003 Mart

Why should you be treated as equally as Derek et al when you've done fuck all for Soap since you got on the team? Derek's busting his ass over this stuff and all you can do is ruin any prep work he does

Nov 16, 2003 zeek309


Nov 16, 2003 Collin

Im getting a capture card this upcoming weekend a nice ball shot of me.

Nov 16, 2003 fordy

How the hell is announcing freely known information from the actual people that derek is also talking to on a forums jepodising what prep work he has put together?

Sorry mart, but you're speaking shit.

Nov 16, 2003 Mart

Derek said it wasn't definately gonna happen, so if he ran his mouth off saying 'oh yeah, we's all gonna get some footage on FOX, tiziiiiight y'all', and then it never happened, he'd look like an ass. Which is why Dario shouldn't run his mouth off, cause if it falls through, Dario looks like even more of a twat. And considering Dario's done fuck all for Soap, I don't think he should be in a position to say anything

Nov 17, 2003 Wesker

From all they told me it will happen. Once again... What the hell does Soap shoes have to do with any of this?

Nov 17, 2003 Benji


Nov 17, 2003 Mart

Uuuh, who sent you all the e-mails?

Nov 17, 2003 Wesker

Nash entertainment you fool.

Nov 17, 2003 Mart

So, did you send them anything?

Nov 17, 2003 Wesker

Yes we're sending some funny stuff in. (Highlights include cement skiing, rope pull, and passing out gone wrong.)

Nov 18, 2003 Mart

Surely the highlights would be the soaoping stuff, since that's what they asked for...

Nov 18, 2003 Wesker

They didn't ask for soaping stuff specifaclly.

They gave me a list of things that they needed from the TV show. Sure they want some Soap footage, But it's not a show featuring Soap shoes.

It's more like a Jackass/practicle joke/clip show. The reason why we got emails is because they figured since we do extream sport activites, that we would have done jackass type things.

Nov 18, 2003 zeek309


Dec 5, 2003 ticktock

I bet it's America's Funniest Videos
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