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Having a wheel of a time
Sep 16, 2006 by Mart

Yes, that's the title of this article that I found on the BBC News website whilst at work yesterday. Apparently Heelys were 'the toy of the summer' this year, so check it out to see what a fuss everyone's making over on this side of the pond

Sep 16, 2006 Mart

Weirdly enough, I stopped off for petrol on my way home yesterday and saw a girl wearing those exact shoes. Hideous shoes!

Sep 16, 2006 Slidey

stupid kids, always making a big deal out of easy things.

Sep 16, 2006 AnthoFlex


Sep 16, 2006 SonicSoaper

Yeesh. Do you see what I mean now by stupid old people? Freakin idiot tweens who don't care about the nineties and early two thousands.

Sep 16, 2006 Slidey

I get shouted at by old ladies for grinding handrails that they don't own, on the street that is outside thier house, while NO-ONE IS THERE AND THEY ARE INSIDE THIER HOUSES!! makes me really angry

Sep 16, 2006 Go2Crew

yeah Mart, that explains exactly what I was say about the pain Soap is feeling, as Heelys is commanding the vast (read 99%) majority of HSL's attention, capital, and focus. Makes you just want to go out and buy a pair of pink and whites, doesn't it? :(

Sep 16, 2006 Wesker

Blech, never. Those Heely's shoes are just for the kiddies.

Sep 17, 2006 AnthoFlex

SOap for life is the way i go

Sep 18, 2006 broox

you know how yall were mad when skaters gave soapers crap because soaps are lame, and easy, and just for 12 year olds?

most everyone here was mad about it and wanted them to chill out. To which, we replied: whatever, we're just having fun with shoes shoes, it's not as easy as you think, who cares, etc.

now it's like there is a new kid in town and yall are picking on them just like people did to us.

my point is that heelys are fun shoes. and don't get me wrong, i enjoy grinding far more than heeling, which is why you only see heelys with grindplates on this site... but regardless they are fun to play around with. which is basically what soap's motto/vision used to be - back in the day.

Soap, play with yourself.

Sep 18, 2006 SonicSoaper

Derek's right. We should bash on the Heelys. they could've, after all, been a Soap product. We should should stop hating on the Heelys and accept them.(Sound slike a South park episode doesn't it?) Also, we need to put the Torch Heelys up.

Sep 18, 2006 Wesker

I was never mad at skaters for hating on Soap's because outside of this website I never had to deal with it as skaters in NYC have always embraced my soap-shoing antics.

What I mean when I say Heely's are for kid's is that i've never seen any adult (Outside of someone on the official Heelys team), Heely. I can even tell by the designs and their marketing campaigns that Heely's are marketed towards little kids. Heely's owes a lot of it's popularity to apealing to kids, and by kids, I mean 14 and younger.

Even when I was younger and soaping I still remember the majority being older. Even the style was older and they even had size 14 so c'mon.

Sep 18, 2006 Slidey

Sk8rs give me props when I pull off good tricks on soaps, and they always have.

Sep 18, 2006 AnthoFlex

The only person i know that sk8s that Hates Soaps is my best friend Charles, if it were up to him, he'd probably burn the Soap department in HSL

Sep 18, 2006 AnthoFlex

He hates Heelys too, but gives them more respect cause "they have wheels"......thats just stupid

Sep 19, 2006 SonicSoaper

You know what's weird? My mom want's Heely's..........Dooooo DEEEE DOOOOOO!

Sep 21, 2006 shdook

I hate heelys, I am about the only person in my school with Soaps.

Sep 21, 2006 AnthoFlex

I too am the only person in my school with Soaps, with the exception of one of ma Bros with sum Scabs

Sep 23, 2006 Slidey

I think I will make a comment on this on how that heelys are good for kids but teens/skaters should be looking to buy a pair of soaps

Sep 26, 2006 shdook

I think more kids should start soaping to keep it alive.

Sep 26, 2006 Slidey

Thats what were doing, everyone that I am freinds with that wants soaps comes into my soap team, and then we go out and impress people and they ask where they can buy some. If this girl that I no buys some I will have 8 people in my team, and I've had to convince all of them (or some convinced themselfs). When we all go out and soap at one time we usually impress loads of people and get them intrested, then we tell some people (who ask) where to buy them.

Sep 26, 2006 SonicSoaper

In chorus we have little plastic things on the tips of the steps and I did a frontside across one and my friends were all like "Woah! How the hell did you do that?" We need to get some more Soaps out.

Oct 6, 2006 twitch

HA.. I want to see Rebecca "Heel" and eat shit. I honestly hate Heely's just because of the little kids at the skatepark who just ride around thinking they are cool.. it's only cool when they fall and go home crying on their dad's back. Silly little gromets.

Oct 6, 2006 Slidey

Its funny when they think they can soap with thier heelys and they just bail. lol

Oct 6, 2006 SonicSoaper

That's why I always sigh when the little kids roll in on thier Heelys. Then is just grind a bench and they flip out.

Oct 6, 2006 SonicSoaper


Oct 15, 2006 matrix8967

I'm just not a fan of heeling...it looks stupid...If you're going to heel, just roller blade...but nobody has ever given me crap for soaping...all the skaters think it's awesome (cuz all the skaters around here can't skate...they roll off a curb and video tape it...it's pathetic)

I just think it's lame...


Oct 15, 2006 Kru

Yeah heelys are dumb. They look dumb when they wear them and they seem very procurious to me. Because most people who have them do mischevious things. Soapers just do it and move on where the heely thing is like nails running across a chalkboard. "LOOK AT ME I HAVE WHEELS!!!" Look at me I can surf down long rails and look cool doing it.

Oct 15, 2006 matrix8967

yeah, i think the original soaps where the best...HSL hasnt done soap justice...they pretty much realeased one shoe with different colors...did HSL have the rights to make grindplates before they bought soap? or did they just buy soaps for the rights to make the plates on thier shoes...hell, the heely plates have a slot for the soap split! come on man...


Oct 15, 2006 Kru

I know! The hole is right there its so obvious! It's hard to see the beloved shoe company get tossed around like a hackysack. The new soaps are not the same and mostly just are generic skateshoes with plates. Blasted HSL! Bring back Soaps to justice with replacable plates darn-it and stop making this heely crap because you can hurt yourself alot more rolling around then sliding off edges.

It looks to me like Heelys started making "plates" then just engulfed soaps like big fish little fish, probably just for the rights to make the plate. *waves fist*

Oct 16, 2006 matrix8967

Amen. but we have to play by thier rules...right now they own soap...and the Express are some damn good shoes...I just wanted some variation...and i hate heelys...but i'm doing my part to try and keep soap alive...


Oct 16, 2006 AnthoFlex

Thats good.....but in regard to your previous statement Matrix.....sk8ing isnt gay.....as a matter of fact, my Soaping/Sk8ing is very important to me.....As another matter of fact....i try to mix and match tricks between the two :)

Oct 17, 2006 matrix8967

I didn't mean to diss sk8rs, I used to skateboard and roller blade...I was talking about the team of kids around here who just drink, smoke pot, and fall off skateboards...(keep in mind, i live in a small arkansas town...) I didn't mean to offend you or any other skaters. props to skaters infact, because I can't do it anymore.


Oct 17, 2006 Kru

Heelys must fade away like the foolish idea it is. I saw a program about the guy who invented them. It's not a bad idea its just one step behind. They should just have two wide wheels on the sole (front and rear) instead of the single one. They'd could be docked inside the cavity, then you pop off the plastic caps and the wheels become usable. Thats not that hard to do and it'd be much cooler.

Dammit I need to get a new pair of Soaps!

Oct 17, 2006 SonicSoaper

They had shoes like that. They'd pop out from the bottoms of the shoes and become roller skates. They never caught on.

Oct 17, 2006 matrix8967

yeah, my friend had some...she loved 'em (same friend i'm buying soaps for) anyway, yeah point being, I personally don't like heelys...but that's just me...soaps have always been my thing.


Oct 18, 2006 Kru

...wait. They made them and they never caught on.*pause*

So people are really that stupid then? Because the one wheel thing is really, *explict sentence*. Well the holidays are creeping up maybe they'll unleash Soaps out again. Hopefully anyways.

Oct 18, 2006 Krammit

Well, people here show interest in the shoes, but they dont want to use ebay to get them, because theres such a small varity in both shoe, and size.
Did to HSL being fairly.. idiotic, we have heelys, but not soaps, infact have never had soaps.
Trying to find a way to get soaps here.

Oct 18, 2006 Kru

I'm getting kind of edgy for a pair of grindshoes that'll fit me. I've heard pretty okay things about the new Torch shoe too. I may invest into a pair of those. Although I'm gonna graffiti "May soaps never die" with a sharpie on them

Oct 18, 2006 masterbrain0


Oct 19, 2006 matrix8967

dude, just buy some express...it's the best HSL has made...(T-bones where close..but no cigar)


Oct 19, 2006 Kru

...yeah but where are Soap's carried anymore. Except on ebay? I never liked internet auctions I want to touch it feel it before I take it home rather then.. guess and hope for the best.

Oct 19, 2006 Wesker

Steven Deel from this site is gonna start carrying the Express' near the end of this month, I think.

Oct 19, 2006 matrix8967

He already has them I think...
I want some Ordnance Petrol or some white cleans, but especially some BROADSIDES! My friend is looking for anything cheap in a size 11-12...but that's beside the point, I used my Ordnance flints with my new slowbros for like 2 hours straight last night...woo...tons of fun, and i'm going back today...soon to come pics and videos...but again, that's beside the point...now to get on topic

you can buy soaps if you call the company...but they make you pay full retail price plus shipping and handling...


Oct 20, 2006 Kru

I wouldn't mind a pair of Crowbars. Then again any pair in size 11 would be nice. Although doing research about soap shoes. I notice the cold shot play. Heelys started out as a joke, but look at them now and Soap is pretty much gone. But HSL has Soap, maybe for mercy, maybe for rights. Nonetheless they still have a pulse and that couldn't be greater, freakin' trends and fads.

Oct 20, 2006 matrix8967

read my comment on soap revolution in the forums...I'm starting a Revolution...soon i'll be in the town paper...(especially if I soap thier hand rails)


Oct 21, 2006 masterbrain0

do it. soap on their hand rails. Show them soap must be brought back!!

Oct 22, 2006 matrix8967

soon, once my group is together...I'll use the press...they can't ignore a kid defying friction outside a printing press...


Nov 14, 2006 Kru

I hate to be honest but I'm having second thoughts about these heelys. They are kind of dual purpose in a way with a plate. The wheel has it part even though its kind of cheezy. But its a good bordum thing to do.. I did it for like an hour last night. Eh- I don't know. I wish they weren't so cheaply made.. thats why I wanted to send them back.. to bad I graffitied all this soap stuff on them. Oh well
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