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Heeling Video in SkatePark
Jan 3, 2005 by Louis

NelsonLSY writes, "NelsonLSY writes: Download our Heelys video, "Team Slick Motion presents DEN@Skatepark" "

Louis adds: A short video vith a few spins and grinds, download it here

Jan 4, 2005 geeoff


Jan 4, 2005 aaron

its so good i pooped my pants. anyone thinking about not downloading this video should take my word and get it. even if your like me and not into heelying you'll love this video and the raw extremeness presented in it.

Jan 6, 2005 humain

gay colour ramp, gay "sport", gay music...

Jan 6, 2005 aaron

i dunno man... they were clearly putting their lives on the line... pretty xxxtreme if you ask me

Jan 6, 2005 Mark

these kids clearly have no lives. This is utter wank!

Jan 6, 2005 humain

gay scarf too


Jan 6, 2005 Ryan_IMP

I'm sorry but that was incredibly lame.

Jan 7, 2005 geeoff

thanks for apologzing beforehand, i'm sure it really softened the blow.

Jan 10, 2005 AleX

link didnt work... ill try again later

Jan 12, 2005 derek

whatever, heeling is fun. of course it's dorky... but still fun and has a weird point of balance. the stuff they're doing is actually kind of tough.

but the edit is sort of lame...

Jan 12, 2005 Mart

...why they slo-mo'd the disgracefully poor parts is totally beyond me

Jan 12, 2005 Teeter

true. especially 360's are hard.

Jan 13, 2005 Mart

They're about as hard as your flaccid dick

Jan 13, 2005 Teeter

sweet. no wonder why i can fit it through small openings and pick locks with my penis.

Jan 14, 2005 AleX

that was kinda lame... except for the spins

Jan 14, 2005 aaron

... i think you misunderstand the word 'flaccid'.

however if you want to admit to having a small dick instead... then great. just great.

Jan 17, 2005 Mart

I like your style

Feb 13, 2005 savestheday

what in the FUCK was that shit

Feb 26, 2005 Adam

That Video was about as bad as Humain's grammar

Aug 29, 2005 inline99

pretty sick dude...lol i know a kid who can hardly nail the on blades
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Derek Brooks hittin a Backside Farfegnugen
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Wyatt Peterson sticking a backslide and throwin up Westsiiiide
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