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Dec 2, 2001 by broox

indigoboltars writes, "what is the worst injury u have ever gotten from soaping?

me?............um...well i was with some friends of mine and we were looking for places to skate and soap my best friend micah saw a 18 stair they dared me to try to cheese grater (slip and slide) it for 20$ so i said yes when i got to like the 9th stair i started losing my balance and fell and broke my 2 arms and 2 legs! i got it all on tape but i dont no how to send it.




broox adds: Whoa dude! that is insane, Any way you can get us that media... well, try and get it to us, I'd like to see it.
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Corey Desrochers hittin a Alley-opp Cheese Grater
Alexei Tajzler hittin a Frontside
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Orr Whartman hittin a Dragon Makio
Derek Brooks hittin a Cheese Grater