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Mart is the winner
Mar 27, 2004 by Tanner

Congrats Mart, you have 599 comments! Lets go for 600!

Because of Mart's success, his insanely dope pic he sent in will be displayed with his 600th comment.

Mar 28, 2004 Mart

Fuck yourself

Mar 28, 2004 Smokey

...Is someone actually counting?

Mar 28, 2004 Greg

im clearly hotter

Mar 28, 2004 Tanner

naw, we admins can see everything

Mar 30, 2004 derek

i think that this is a really good 600th comment

Apr 1, 2004 Mart

I think that you're really good in bed

May 29, 2004 Curtinator

FUCK Yourself:

That was a gay comment.

May 31, 2004 Mart

You don't understand the irony behind it, and never will

Jun 5, 2004 Curtinator

\/// \\//
// ?

Jun 5, 2004 Curtinator


Jul 9, 2004 nitrofan727

mart is a homo

Jul 12, 2004 Gunit0094

congrats man but im still the []D [] []\/[] []D

Aug 12, 2004 Fat_people_suck

so, how many comments do i have
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Tal Zeltzer hittin a Sliding a wooden rail
Mart hittin a Royale on one of the huge rails at Beaumont School, St Albans
David Martin hittin a UFO
Jeremy Koch hittin a Frontside
Wyatt Peterson hitting a royale at Summer Slam