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New Grind Shoes
Sep 25, 2004 by derek

MaxMark writes, "I saw an ad in the Houston paper for soapers! A new grind shoe is coming out that has been put together by a former soap guy.
It's a new company in Houston and they are looking for soapers and grinders to appear on tv spots this spring.
I tried to attach it but couldn't. Check out the lifestyle section of the Houston paper from September 2.


derek adds: Whoa.

Sep 25, 2004 derek

Which paper is this? There is more than 1 Houston paper. Get us some more details!

Sep 25, 2004 Wesker

I was wondering when someone else was going to jump into the grind shoe game.

Oct 3, 2004 aaron


Oct 5, 2004 AleX

someone get more info... sounds good so far though

Mar 10, 2015 Waffle

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