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Rolling News
Feb 21, 2003 by SlimDillon

I went to our local EBX today to purchase DDR Konamix and while i was there i asked them about Rolling, like when is it gonna come out. The person at the coutner said he's never heard of the game and it's not on their list of upcoming games so he asked me who were the people making and producing the game and when i told him rage and majesco he broke into this long thing about how rage is out of business and wont be releasing any games that were in progress. I thought rolling was in the final touches but does this mean it won't come out? Hopefulyl we'll know soon. The fifty-50 website (http://www.fifty-50.com) has a video clip of the game during play at EISENBERGS SKATEPARK (our local) and it looks great... i dont think they would kill the game after it looks this great! post comments!


SlimDillon adds: cool!! MY WEBSITE GOT SHUT DOWN!!
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