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Ryan Armstrong is more dope than you
Nov 17, 2003 by derek

Ryan Armstrong (also known as smokey) is the newest member of the Soap team. He sent in a pretty sick video (i can personally vouch for it) and it was enough to get him on the team. Check out the team page at www.soapshoes.com.

Congratulations Ryan.

Nov 17, 2003 Mart

Sick! I've seen vid of Ryan before now and my god... well done dude, you totally deserve it

Nov 17, 2003 mike

good job bro

Nov 17, 2003 Wesker

Congrats once again Ryan :)

Nov 17, 2003 Benji

Good Times

Nov 18, 2003 Tanner

About time they let someone younger than 20 on the team. Congrats

Nov 18, 2003 Benji

Ok tanner, you obiviously cant read
Chris Komsthoeft: age 19
Oliver Read: age 17
Dario Neiva: age 17
Salvatore Licari: age 17

Nov 18, 2003 Mart

a) He was joking
b) Dario and Salvatore hardly count

Nov 18, 2003 Smokey

Yep that's me :D Thanks everyone. I knew I'd either get positive feedback, or negative feedback with some "you don't deserve it". Good to see it's all been positive, heh.

Nov 18, 2003 dunk

Can't say I've ever seen any of your media but if Mart says you deserve it, then I feel safe in saying well done too. Nice work man :P

Nov 18, 2003 dunk

Oh wait... that didn't click, Smokey = Ryan. Corse I've seen your media.
Thanks for the link bro, I'll add that 4th star.

I have a british accent, don't you know ;)

Nov 18, 2003 Smokey

Hehe, british accents are seriously the coolest things ever.

Nov 19, 2003 Wesker

I'll say this in terms that even you can understand: "Sod off".

Nov 19, 2003 derek

i had a british accent for a couple weeks.

i went on this cruise and hung out with this british guy the whole time... picked up his accent and it stuck even while i was at home.

Nov 19, 2003 Mart

Do some fucking work and maybe I'll 'sod off'

Nov 19, 2003 Wesker

...and what would count as work to you? Is promoting/helping to set up retailers/testing/helping to set up demos/staying in contact and informing others, not enough work for you?

You got some fucking nerve saying that I don't do anything for Soaps. Just because I don't meet your fucking standards at soaping, dosn't mean I dont do shit. So fuck off.

Nov 19, 2003 Smokey

What if when you went home, your family picked up the accent, then your family friends, then their friends.. until everyone had a british accent?

That's my dream...

Nov 19, 2003 Louis


Nov 19, 2003 dunk

Haha, I remember you telling that story ages ago, word for word.

Nov 19, 2003 Mart

It's funny when people can't take what they deal out

Nov 21, 2003 Tanner

Jesus christ am I glad I'm out of the soaping game.

Nov 21, 2003 Benji

me too

Nov 21, 2003 dunk

It's fucking ridiculous and highly annoying.

Nov 24, 2003 Marc

Congrats.. Ryan my friend.. Congrats

Nov 24, 2003 Marc

But do you have more "Dope" then me? excatly.. (Actually I dont't smoke.. and have no plans for doing so.. just had to make atleast one crummy joke..)

Dec 8, 2003 pushead

Good job my nigga.

Feb 13, 2004 Ryan

Can you send me the video that you sent in to get on the team?

Oct 9, 2015 Waffle

Hm.. Wonder if I can do similiar.
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