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Soap has It
Feb 17, 2004 by derek

Jordan writes, "In case you are not on the Soap Shoes train, then you need to grab a ticket and get on it fast! Soap is coming back and in a big fashion. Being a rider on the Soap Shoes team, I was able to try out Express 6026 and the new Heelys Mack 9032, as well as give a long run test for the Soaps that I have had for over six months. These shoes are the nicest shoes to ever come out of the Soap Shoes line up. I know that I have written before about the Express but the 6026ís have yet to come off my feet.
I have been a long time fan of skateboarding shoes and have always run into the problem that my arches hurt, especially with many skater shoes. The Express has yet to let my feet feel the hurt of the hard cement. In addition, I have seen how many skateboarder shoes always look run down and can lose the new look super fast. I took them outside in the freezing cold snow the other day to soap and they still look amazingly new. I went into the snow multiple times and my shoes took all of the beating.

In the end test, I have been working hard at keeping my soaps on rotation so that I could see the wear that the shoes have. Soap has yet to let me down with any major technical problem. Only one pair of my shoe's sole is faded slowly away.

Soap Shoes are tough, durable, and great for whatever the Soaper or average person looking for a tight pair of shoes wants. Do yourself a favor right now and get off the couch and Soap."

derek adds: The express models that Jordan is talking about have the shock absorber technology, which is seriously awesome. When he's talking about feeling hard cement, he's serious. They feel so much better when coming off of a tall or fast rail. It is happiness for my feet, haha.

Feb 17, 2004 Tanner

maybe if they made some bigger sizes...

Feb 17, 2004 Floptastic

Feb 17, 2004 Floptastic

Or if they sold them on their own shoe site. inlinewarehouse is good, but they're always out of 12's.. sound like some nice shoes though

Feb 19, 2004 soda

Unfortunately for me, I wear 14's and on Sodap's website it says they don't make the new models any larger than 12. Since Derek seems to have some connections, do you think he could convince them to make bigger sizes? I'm sure other people have this problem as well, one of them being a good friend of mine who wears 13s. In the mean time, does anyone have links to a site that stocks Soaps in 14's? Thanks in advance.

Feb 19, 2004 Collin

holy fuck bigfoot.

Feb 20, 2004 Smokey

eBay occasionally has size 13's and 14's.

Feb 20, 2004 Floptastic

Feb 21, 2004 soda

Yeah, that's where I got my first pair back in 6th grade. I haven't seen any in a while, but thatnks anyway.

Feb 21, 2004 Benji

speak of the devil, the have a pair of 14s and a pair of 13s right now

Feb 21, 2004 soda

You wouldn't mind selling them, wouldja? :P

Feb 21, 2004 Benji

woops, ment to say they, as in ebay

Feb 22, 2004 Floptastic

I have a pair of 13's, if anyones interested..

Feb 24, 2004 Ryan

Cant wait

Feb 28, 2004 jericanman

they sound gud

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